Katy Perry On Collaborating With Blackpink: "If Blackpink Has The Dopest Song That Makes Me Feel Sexy, I'm totally There."(Pic credit: Instagram/blackpinkofficial, Getty Images)
Katy Perry On Collaborating With Blackpink: “If Blackpink Has The Dopest Song That Makes Me Feel Sexy, I’m totally There.”(Pic credit: Instagram/blackpinkofficial, Getty Images)

Imagine Katy Perry collaborating with Blackpink? Well, there is a possibility as the ‘Simile’ singer recently spoke up about collaborating with the K-pop band. BLACKPINK has already collaborated with Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga and Dua Lipa. Now it would be great if fans get to see Katy Perry collaborating with the band. Read the full story to know what Katy Perry has to say about it.

In a recent interview, the 35 years old singer has said that she would collaborate with BlackPink only if she likes the song. Yes, you have read it right.



Katy Perry told the Thai publication, The Standard via Koreaboo, “I’m all about always collaborating with anyone. For me, to be completely honest, it’s not about the artist. It’s about the song.”

While talking about venturing into the world of K-pop, Katy Perry said, “As far as any K-pop [goes], I would love to do it if the song is amazing, if it feels authentic. I don’t want to be a part of a trend. I want to be a part of a movement.”

Katy Perry also said that numbers don’t matter to her and she would love to collaborate with Blackpink if they come up with a song that Katy feels connected with. She said, “To be honest, I feel like some of that can be just people trying to make numbers. And, I’m not here to make numbers. I’m here to move hearts. So if Blackpink has the dopest song that makes me feel sexy or makes me feel connected, or whatever, I’m totally there.”

Well, if the collaboration between Katy Perry and Blackpink happens, it would be just amazing? Isn’t it? Do tell us your views in the comment box and stay tuned to Koimoi for the latest updates on your favourite celebrities.

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