Kang The Conqueror Killed Avenger Captain America
Kang The Conqueror New Theory Claims He Killed Captain America & Not Thor ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

Kang The Conqueror has emerged as one of the most powerful villains in the new phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While more of his variants will be introduced in the future, the future looks quite promising. Thanks to the impeccable acting by Jonathan Majors, who has added more fierceness to the character. However, a new theory has come to light that Kang killed Captain America, assuming he had the hammer while travelling back in time to return the stones!

The concept of time traveling has been very fascinating since the new phases of MCU projects. However, many fans wanted their favourite characters to come back from the past, considering the performances of recent movies/shows. While that is unclear which character might reappear, read on ahead to find out a theory that Kang might have killed Captain America, assuming he is Thor.

The audience was enthralled when they heard Kang The Conqueror and Ant-Man interacting, where Scott Lang says he is an Avenger. Majors’ Kang replies, ‘Have I killed you before? Are you the one with the hammer?’ which was enough to explain why he is one of the furious villains. While we know Thor is the only one with the hammer, some might have forgotten that Captain America wielded the Mjolnir in Avengers: Endgame. According to a theory by an Instagram account named marvelsdcworld21, when Captain Rogers goes to the quantum realm to return the stones with a hammer, Kang misunderstands Captain America with Ant-Man as they both have a similar suit.

Notably, the helmet of the time travelling suit is quite similar to what Ant-Man has, which just makes more sense. It is also stated that Captain America defeats Kang The Conqueror, as he returns to the place where he wanted. Hence, Kang asks, ‘Are you the one with the hammer’ because he knows the Ant-Man variant with the hammer is powerful.


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Reacting to the theory, a user said, “Hoping so. I would like to see something like Steve fighting with kang, and it would have been a great fight, but it would not make any sense since cap doesn’t talk about anything”. Another fan asked, “What if he killed beta ray? Jane foster mighty Thor?”

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