Justin Bieber Tributes Love With Selena Gomez With A Rose Tattoo? Fans Can’t Keep Calm!
Justin Bieber Tributes Love With Selena Gomez With A Rose Tattoo? Fans Can’t Keep Calm!(Pic credit – Getty Images )

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been the teenage sweethearts we wanted as endgame. The couple began dating somewhere around 2011. And the on and off saga continued for years until the Baby singer got engaged to Hailey Baldwin. But does the heart still wants what it wants? Below is the scoop you need.

Hailey and Justin got engaged in 2018. They even recently celebrated their second anniversary. However, Selena and Justin fans, Jelena, as they term themselves – refuse to accept the truth. They still want their favourite couple to somehow end up together. Time and again, their each and every action is linked with each other.



Recently, Justin Bieber got a long-stemmed rose tattoo on his neck. As per the Jelena fans, that is a sign for his and Selena Gomez’s love. A certain user took to Instagram and created a storm as they noticed an ‘S’ in Justin’s tattoo.

Yes, you heard that right! To begin with, a user mentioned, “HE ROSE HAS AN S IN IT!!!!!!! THERES A FREAKING S FOR SELENA!!!! I can’t stop screaming.” As expected, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez fans couldn’t remain patient after that.

Jelena fans kept talking about the hidden ‘S’ in Justin’s tattoo. Zoomed in pictures to get a clearer view went viral on social media platforms. Many have been stating that it is his way of paying tribute to his long relationship with Selena.

A fan wrote, “This love has no end!”

“Justin Bieber new tattoo for Selena Gomez?” another questioned.

A user wrote, “OMG there is an S in his tattoo and I’m about to scream!”

Check out Justin Bieber’s tattoo below:

For the unversed, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were in an on and off relationship from 2011 to 2018. The couple finally called it quits in 2018. Soon after, the Yummy singer reconciled with Hailey Baldwin. They got engaged within 3 months of dating and married within a year of dating!

Justin and Selena may have moved on but Jelena seems to be forever for fans.

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