Justice League: Superman Fight Paid Homage To Spider-man' Uncle Ben
Zack Snyder Paid Homage To Spider-Man’ Uncle Ben In Justice League ( Photo Credit – Zack Snyder’s Justice League Poster/Movie Still )

Ardent superhero nerds and fans have always wanted a crossover between Marvel and DC characters. While that does not seem to be possible on the big screen, there have been many incidents where both franchises have paid homage to the other competitor. Adding to the list, Zack Snyder once indirectly teased about Spider-Man’s uncle Ben Parker in an action scene in Justice League.

The director’s cut of Justice League was heavily praised by the audiences and it did justice to them. However, there has been no confirmation that the director mentioned the easter egg on purpose or not, but fans’ analyses are claiming it to be a homage to Uncle Ben. Read on ahead to find where the scene was shown in the movie.

In the Snyder Cut of Justice League, when Superman is resurrected by the other members of the Justice League, Uncle Ben’s easter egg is mentioned. As Superman slams, Ezra Miller’s Flash into the remains of  Metropolis’ monument to the lives lost in Man of Steel, one of the names on the monument is revealed to be Ben Parker, Spider-Man Peter Parker’s uncle.

However, the name “Ben Parker” might just sound generic enough that it might be a coincidence in the movie. Along with that,  there is no Ben Parker on the Snyder Cut’s IMDb page this small detail has got everyone’s attention!

On the other hand, in the MCU, Uncle Ben has not been teased yet. Even with many MCU projects coming, many are calling out for the introduction of Uncle Ben.

Let us know what do you think about this nod/reference? Was this a coincidence, or did poor Uncle Ben have to die again?

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