Zack Snyder Is Finally Talking About Justice League 2
Zack Snyder Has Now Reacted On Possibility Of Justice League 2 (Photo Credit – Wikimedia; Zack Snyder’s Justice League Poster)

One thing is proven that even if someone calls it a movement involving bot accounts or unreal numbers, the support for the SnyderVerse is not fading anytime soon. Zack Snyder, who has been one of the most spoken-about filmmakers globally in the past couple of years, has been bombarded with the DCEU/DCU/SnyderVerse questions all the time. The filmmaker, who was about to see some comeback hope, was shown the exit in no time with the change in leadership. But now he talks about the idea of Justice League 2 and his plans for Wonder Woman and Superman.

For the unversed, Zack entered the DCEU with Henry Cavill starrer Man Of Steel in 2013. The filmmaker kick started his SnyderVerse, that transcended into multiple movies leading to the Justice League. After a massive dramatic turn of events, The Zack Snyder Cut of Justice League releases in 2021. Fans ever since have been asking for a sequel to the much-loved saga.

Turns out during a fan Q and A, Zack Snyder was up for talking about the SnyderVerse. While answering a Justice League 2 question, he also decided to talk about his initial plans to tie Amazonians and Kryptonians, inevitable connecting Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Henry Cavill’s Superman. Read on to know everything you should about the same.

At the Full Circle Justice League event (via The Direct and Comicbook), where fans were allowed to ask questions to Zack Snyder, he was asked if he got a blank cheque to direct a movie, which one will he chose. In no times the cloud cheered for Justice League 2 and 3. Responding to the shoutout, Snyder said, “I guess that’s right… probably. I mean blank check, the scenario is pretty ludicrous, but I like it.”

However, his wife and co-producer Deborah Snyder had two bits to shared. She said, “It’s not necessarily about money always. It’s sometimes about content that might be a little more hokey or controversial. We have some smaller projects that might be even harder to get made because everyone wants the big blockbuster movies. So sometimes the smaller project that don’t take as much money are harder to actually get made.”

Meanwhile, Zack Snyder has also spoken about wanting to connect Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman to the Kryptonian Prince, Superman, then played Henry Cavill. “[We thought] Zeus could possibly be Kryptonian so that Wonder Woman’s powers…anyway, you can sort of see where that’s going. The whole thing of whether or not magic or gods…there’s a version of where you’re like ‘That’s cool, I guess,’ then there’s the scientific aspect. You have the pathology of wondering where gods come from. We had played around with that quite a bit.”

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