When Gal Gadot Was Accused Of Being A Predator
Gal Gadot Was Once Accused Of Shaming A R*pe Victim ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot won millions of hearts in her superhero role. But there was once a time when she was accused of being a bully and a predator who allegedly enabled predators. A few years ago, an unnamed individual, who claimed to be a roommate of the Israeli actress, shared the story of an assault and the DCEU star’s reaction to it. Scroll below to learn about it in detail.

Gadot has crowned Miss Israel at a very young age; following that, she served the nation’s military service too. Gal’s inclusion in the DCEU came with 2016’s Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, followed by her solo film. When the Harvey Weinstein scandal came out, the actress voiced her opinion against it and condemned it as well.

In a Buzzfeed News article, an unnamed author shared a story of an assault, which allegedly happened when that author shared an apartment with her in Milan, Italy. The individual revealed, “Gal is more than a bully; she is a predator who enables predators; thirteen years ago, I shared an apartment with Gal Gadot for two months in Milan, Italy. Several young girls lived in the building, all under contract with the same modelling management company.” As per the report, when a familiar friend was r*ped, who was just 15 years old, Gal blamed the girl for her choices.

The author then shared one of her experiences, which was allegedly similar. They shared, “I felt safe with Gal. I did not realize then how little I knew about r*pe, predators, and the culture that supports them.” She further shared wrote how she felt safe with Gal and spent time together sharing stories. But one unfortunate night, she was r*ped and as per the author, it was violent and full of hate.

She then sought help from the Wonder Woman actress, and explaining that instance, the author wrote, “She took me down to the basement. It was cold, mechanical, and frightening. We were alone. Then her anger exploded. She stood over me, intimidating and loud, blaming me for what had happened. Her eyes were fire. I had already felt small and violated, but she shamed me into feeling obsolete. I felt extremely dirty. Already in shock, I disassociated from my body. I can’t remember most of her words. I remember being in utter terror of her anger.”

They added, “She referred to the r*pe as ‘your mistake.’” The accuser concluded their story by saying, “Gal has succeeded in a predatory industry because she is a predator. She is unafraid to destroy others in pursuit of her ambitions. Like any strong predator, she knows how to target, destroy, and consume the weakest and most vulnerable. Bill Cosby put on a sweater and built trust as a Huxtable, Gal Gadot put on a breastplate and became an icon for women.”

The article was allegedly removed from Buzzfeed News, and issued a statement saying, “We do have specific rules in place that we ask all members of our community to abide by, and we take these very seriously.” The unnamed author took to Twitter to even tweet about it; here take a look:

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