Jason Momoa Says DC Is Waiting For Him To Direct Justice League 2
Justice League Stars Jason Momoa As Aquaman aka Arthur Fleck(Image Credit: Instagram/prideofgypsies, IMDb)

Zack Snyder’s Cut Of Justice League hit the streaming in March this year and took the audience by storm. While the craze still exists somewhere in the realm of DC, fans have been wanting a sequel to the film, and they cannot wait for any update. The studio is unsure about the future, but that doesn’t mean fans will stop demanding. Now talking about the same is Jason Momoa, who says the studio is waiting for him to take over the direction of the film.


Jason Momoa plays Aquaman aka Arthur Fleck, in the DCEU. Starring in Justice League, the actor played a pivotal part in the ensemble flick. Now we are already talking about a sequel while SnyderVerse producer has confirmed Zack’s future in the DCEU is not dead as of yet.


Now Jason is asked when and how will the sequel turn out. The actor has a hilarious response to it. Read on to know everything you should about the same and also what Momoa has to say.

There is no way the actors that have starred in the Zack Snyder directorial, won’t be asked about Justice League 2 everywhere they go. Jason Momoa, when recently joined Screenrant to talk about Sweet Girl, he was asked the same. He says DC has been waiting for me to direct it. The actor does not give any details but ends up being super sarcastic and hilarious.

Jason Momoa on Justice League 2 said, “I think they’re waiting for me to direct it. They’re basically waiting for Warner Bros. to call me up and say, ‘Jason, I love you. I love what you guys are doing. Love the movie. I love Sweet Girl. Hey, let’s get Brian Mendoza, let’s get Jason Momoa to produce and direct the new Justice League’. Sounds like, ‘You know what guys? We’re in’.”

What do you have to say about Jason Momoa’s comment? Let us know in the comments section below. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more information!

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