Zack Snyder & Christopher Nolan's DCEU Future Confirmed By Producer
Zack Snyder & Christopher Nolan Have Directed Successful Films Of DCEU(Photo Credit: Getty Images)


The DCEU is full of master filmmakers, and there is no doubt that they have created gems for the universe. Two of them are undoubtedly Zack Snyder and the legendary Christopher Nolan. While they have given the studio some of their most lucrative projects in the past, their future in the extended universe is not really clear from here. SnyderVerse producer Charles Roven is now here to shed light on the same

If you are one of the bare minimum people who are unaware, Christopher Nolan gave DCEU its most successful and celebrate Dark Knight trilogy, which in a way made way for superhero culture in the mainstream. Zack Snyder chose Man Of Steel to enter the universe and gave DC the top-notch casting that they to date use. Turns out their future in the universe is not really dark and there is still a ray of hope. Read on to know everything you should about the same.


Charles Roven, who co-produced SnyderVerse, is never saying never. Though Zack Snyder has already said the studio doesn’t want to work with him, and Christopher Nolan’s comeback is the most touted thing, Roven says there is still hope and the two might return. He said, “I’m going to give you a Terry Gilliam quote. Terry Gilliam and my first wife fought bitterly about the Baron Munchausen cut.”

Charles Roven, “And he was sure he would never, ever be involved with anything having to do with Dawn Steel. And then I offered him Twelve Monkeys and he laughed and he said, ‘Well you really can’t ever burn a bridge in Hollywood, can you?’. The fact of the matter is, I would never say never about anything when it comes to entertainment, different ideas, ways of coming back around.”

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  1. nolan coming back is awesome, but snyder not so much. He shouldn’t be given access to more DC characters to butcher


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