Jonathan Majors' Magazine Dreams' Release Gets Shelved
Jonathan Majors’ Magazine Dreams Get Disappointing Updates (Photo Credit – IMDb)

Jonathan Majors gets more bad news after his guilty verdict. After getting fired from Marvel Studios by Disney, his film Magazine Dreams also gets disappointing updates regarding its release. After the trial, the actor recently gave his interview, where he opened up about the accusations and everything from his point of view. He even got emotional while recalling the tough days. But his tough days are far from over now. The said film was initially set to release in December and might reportedly get shelved entirely. Scroll below for more.

The movie was directed by Elijah Bynum and premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Majors plays the role of an amateur bodybuilder who struggles to find human connection, and his never-ending drive for recognition consumes him. It received a positive response at the film festival, and Majors was also praised for his portrayal of the role.

According to an insider, the movie will be released neither in the theatres nor on the OTT platforms. Jonathan Majors led Magazine Dreams under Searchlight Pictures, which is, unfortunately [for Majors] also owned by Disney. As per The Hollywood Reporter, the movie “does not see a scenario in which Searchlight opens the movie on the big screen.” It might also not get a place on streaming networks such as Disney+ or Hulu as they feel marketing would be difficult given the movie’s theme deals with violence. It might reflect poorly after his conviction.

However, if Searchlight Pictures returned the rights to the filmmakers of Magazine Dreams, it might see the light of the day. Jonathan Majors’ performance was compared to Robert De Niro’s from Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, and Searchlight was planning an entire awards season campaign for this drama.

Jonathan Majors spent eighteen months in training to prepare for the role of a bodybuilder, but it is now hanging by a thread. Whether the fans will get to see his reported phenomenal performance is still being determined.

In his recent interview, the former Marvel star recollected the events of the day that led to his arrest in the assault and harassment case. He is grateful that his loved ones, including his girlfriend and Meagan Good, are by his side in these challenging times. When asked about his future in Hollywood after this scandal, he said he hopes to continue working in Hollywood. Jonathan Majors will be sentenced on February 6, 2024.

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