Pete Davidson Was Under The Influence Of Ketamine At Aretha Franklin's Funeral
Pete Davidson Has Struggled With Drug Abuse Over The Years ( Photo Credit – Flickr; IMDb )

In his latest Netflix special, Pete Davidson acknowledges that during his attendance at Aretha Franklin’s 2018 funeral with then-fiance Ariana Grande, he was under the influence of Ketamine.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration describes Ketamine as a dissociative anesthetic with possible hallucinatory effects. The drug distorts the senses of sight and sound, leaving users feeling painless and helpless over their environment.

Pete Davidson Opens Up On His Drug Abuse

Pete Davidson, the former cast member of Saturday Night Live, acknowledged to USA Today that he used drugs before attending Aretha Franklin’s funeral.

Davidson and his then-fiancée, Ariana Grande, participated in the memorial in August 2018. Davidson went on to say that he joked around with Franklin’s family because he was under the influence of the drug Ketamine.

Davidson also joked about how Franklin probably would have responded to him being high at her funeral by quipping, “Hey! What the f**k are you doing at my funeral, and who are you?”.

Pete Davidson accompanied Ariana Grande to the funeral because the pop sensation became engaged to him only a few weeks before being requested to give a performance in memory of the Queen of Soul, who passed away in August 2018 at the age of 76.

Ariana Grande, now 30 years old, appeared on stage for the funeral while donning a contentious minidress. Although Pete Davidson’s past drug use is well documented, his apparent gaffe with Franklin’s family did not make headlines at the time.

The Bupkis actor has visited rehab multiple times, most notably in 2017 and 2019. In June 2023, Page Six exclusively revealed that he has returned to treatment following struggles with PTSD and borderline personality disorder.

Two months later, another insider informed Page Six that Pete Davidson acknowledged that he had experimented with Ketamine as a treatment for his depression, but his publicist insisted he was not currently taking it.

What Is Ketamine?

Many people have a terrible opinion of Ketamine because it is often abused as a party drug and has even earned the moniker “Special K.”

But for others who don’t respond to traditional medicine, doctors claim that Ketamine can be a life-changing treatment in a supervised medical environment. The authorized medical product is a nasal spray and an injectable, short-acting anesthetic for humans and animals.

After actor Matthew Perry passed away in recent months, the substance has gained widespread attention. The Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner stated that the Friends star passed away as a result of the acute effects of the medication. It was reported that the star was having ketamine infusion therapy as a treatment for anxiety and depression.

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