Johnny Depp's Advocate Camille Vasquez Doesn't Think Amber Heard's Case Was A Part Of The #MeTooMovement
Johnny Depp’s Advocate Camille Vasquez Says Amber Heard’s Trial Was Not A #MeToo Case ( Photo Credit – IMDb; Instagram )

Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez sheds some light on why Amber Heard’s case and whether it was a part of the #MeToo Movement. During the defamation trial, the lawyer became a celebrity overnight. Her smart tactics at the court made her go viral all over social media.

Camille was even linked with JD. However, she later denied those rumours and claimed it was sexist for people to assume that. While talking about the #MeToo Movement, we all know the number of cases that have come out. However, it has even been criticised, especially when it comes to Depp‘s case.

Due to the Johnny Depp case, the backlash has come in the form that anyone can be accused even if the evidence isn’t strong. Now, his lawyer, Camille Vasquez, has spoken about whether she thinks the Amber Heard trial was a part of #MeToo and how she felt supporting the Pirates of the Caribbean star amidst the movement.

While speaking with CBS’s The Talk, Camille Vasquez was asked, “Did you ever hesitate as a woman taking on a case with such a high-profile celebrity? Especially in this post-Me Too movement.” To this, Johnny Depp’s lawyer replied, “No because I know Johnny as a person, I’ve worked with him for four years. I believed him. You know, to me, this case was not a Me Too case.”

“This was about what happened between these two people, and in a lot of ways, if you want to look at it as a Me Too case, it was an opportunity for Amber Heard to tell her story, have an investigation happen in a court of law, and a jury came back and said ‘no we don’t believe you’. But I never hesitated because I believed Johnny, I was an advocate for him, and I wanted the opportunity to give him his life back. He deserved that,” she added.

Do you think Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez is right in saying that the Amber Heard case is not a part of the #MeToo Movement?

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