Johnny Depp's Career Is In Trouble Revealed By An Industry Insider
Johnny Depp Might Struggle To Find A Job In Hollywood In Future(Photo Credit –wikimedia)

Johnny Depp’s life is finally coming back to normalcy if that is the term that we could use, but at last, the defamation trial between him and his ex-wife Amber Heard has been settled. Depp, who is loved by the audience for his portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, lost it because of the case. However, even though he won the case against Heard, there is a very slim chance that Disney will call him back to reprise his role at least; that is what an inside player in Hollywood thinks. Keep reading to find out!

A few days back, the producer of the Pirates of The Caribbean franchise, Jerry Bruckheimer, expressed his wish to have Depp back in the role of Sparrow since he is a good friend. He also mentioned that it is sad how the personal life of a person affects one’s professional life as well.



According to a report by the New York Post, a ‘knowledgable film-industry player’ shared his views on this idea and sees it as a long shot. As per the report, the player says, “I think he will have a career, but I don’t see him being redeemed”. They further said, ” I think big-name people in Hollywood will steer clear of him.” Johnny Depp‘s life turned upside down owning to his court trial with ex-wife Amber Heard.

The film-industry player referred to the fact that Bruckheimer, the film-industry player, said, “Disney is the most scandal-averse of the studios because of their brand and theme parks.”

Drawing a comparison between Kevin Spacey, Mel Gibson and Johnny Depp, the industry player said, “There are different levels of shunning”. “Depp is not at the Kevin Spacey level. My guess is that he is more in the Mel Gibson range. The international audience will be happy to see him in things, and probably a lot of people in the United States as well. “But I can tell you something about both of those guys [Depp and Gibson]. If you bring them up in the dominant studio world [as candidates to anchor a film], it is not a no, but it is a question: ‘Who else do you have?’”

Johnny Depp might be trying to get back to doing films after the whole fiasco, but the industry player has a view on that too; they said, his career will move forward but not in Hollywood. Here is what they said, “He’ll continue to do movies financed in the international market, financed with foreign production companies,” the player predicted. “The deals will come from people who are third or fourth tier. They show up with a lot of money, and it all goes to the star. You saw that at the end of Bruce Willis’s career. You see that in terms of John Travolta.”

On the professional front, Johnny Depp recently wrapped a French film, ‘Jeanne du Barry’, where he is playing the role of King Louis XV. He will also be associating with Al Pacino for a project which both of them will co-produce, and Depp will direct.

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