Johnny Depp Camille Vasquez Whatsapp Group
John Depp Has A Whatsapp Group With Camille Vasquez & Other Associates (Picture Credit: Instagram)

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard had one of the most controversial court trials of all time that would go down in the history of the showbiz industry. Throughout the trial, many shocking claims, rumours, and statements circulated over the internet that are still relevant to the pop culture world. Among all the accusations, many also began to believe that Depp had some kind of an affair with his attorney Camille Vasquez.

While they both had a formal relationship during and after the trial, Vasquez recently shared the status between her and the PTOC actor. However, as she supported Depp throughout the trial through her advocacy in the trial against Amber Heard, her fame grew to the next level.



People report how Camille Vasquez, and others from their legal team, including Benjamin Chew, are still in touch with Johnny Depp, even after the trial. “The last time I spoke to [Depp] on the phone was probably a few months ago, but we text often. There’s a group of us that texts with him, and we send emails, obviously congratulating him on the success that he’s had in the last year,” said the lawyer.

Later in the conversation, Vasquez also discussed Depp’s well-being after his leg injury and his upcoming birthday. While their team also plans to attend Depp’s Hollywood Vampires tour. She revealed that the team who were associated during the trial also dubbed themselves “The Black Pearl,” a nod to his Pirates of the Caribbean days, and they maintain a group chat with that name.

“We were such a team, and we’re still so united, and we care about one another,” said Depp’s attorney while applauding the team. When asked whether she would write a book about the trial or not, Camille Vasquez said, “There’s nothing in the works at the moment.” The lawyer feels there is more to her story and still has a lot to do apart from the lawsuit of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

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