Megan Fox Once Revealed Being Offered Only ‘Interesting Stripper’ Or ‘Funny Escort’ Roles: “I Haven’t Been Sent A Nag Script Yet, But…”
Megan Fox Feels Hollywood Only Want To See Her As Stripper, Once Revealed ‘The Nag, The Trophy, The Escort’ Are The Only Roles Available For Women (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Megan Fox has made a name for herself in Hollywood thanks to her acting capabilities as well as fashion choices. The actress – who has starred in films like the Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise films, Jennifer’s Body and more, once opened up about the dark side of Hollywood and the type of roles filmmakers offer her.

Despite features in films and showing her acting prowess in different genres, the actress once spoke about the types of roles she often received and slammed the female stereotypes in Hollywood. Read on to know all she said.

As reported by Fandome, Megan Fox once claimed that the range of roles available for women in Hollywood is ‘pretty scarce’. Talking to NYT (New York Times), and adding that characters like ‘the nag, the trophy, the escort’ still dominate the female parts in films, she said, “In terms of what’s available for women to play in general in Hollywood, it’s pretty scarce. You have these stereotypes that still dominate films: the nag, the trophy, the escort.”

Megan Fox, revealing the kind of roles she’s offered, added, “I haven’t been sent a nag script yet, but I do get plenty of, like, ‘interesting stripper.’ Or, ‘She’s super funny, but she’s also an escort, but that’s what makes it funny!”

As per the site, the ‘Transformer’ actress also claimed that she still did not have a lot of say in her character’s development in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, where she played a reporter, April O’Neil. She said, “I don’t get a whole lot of say in terms of character development on movies like these. It’s not like I’m in there helping them write the script saying, April (her TMNT character) should do this because this is what a real feminist would do.’”

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