Johnny Depp Has A Fossil Named After Him & It's The Most Unique Thing You'll Read On Internet!
Johnny Depp Has A Fossil Named After Him & It’s The Most Unique Thing You’ll Read On Internet! (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Johnny Depp is surely one of the best actors Hollywood has. From the controversy over his relationships to his impressive acting chops, people love watching him, talking about him, and naming things after him.

We all know how different and unique Johny is. Naming stars and moon after actors are old and cliché now. Here is something very creative! A fossil named after the actor. Yes! You heard it right. Want to know more about this news? Then continue reading further.



According to reports in, there’s a new fossil named for Johnny Depp. But it’s not the first time Johnny’s made headlines for something unique. His acting range has caused some unique headlines. Let’s learn more about the Fossil that’s been named for both Johnny and a character he portrayed in a now-iconic film.

Scientists have discovered a super-old fossil with some distinguishing characteristics. The new Fossil, called Kootenichela deppi, earned its name because of its scissor-like claws. Remember how Johnny Depp played Edward Scissorhands? That’s where the inspiration for kootenichela came from (chela means scissors in Latin).

It is said that the moment the scientist discovered this Fossil, he thought of Edward Scissorhands. Fossilized remains gave researchers plenty of information to go off of, and drawings show how similar the claws are to Edward’s appendages.

The prehistoric crab-like critter doesn’t have much else in common with Johnny Depp, but the fact that scientists who discovered the Fossil don’t really care. As researcher David Legg explained, “In truth, I am also a bit of a Depp fan and so what better way to honour the man than to immortalize him as an ancient creature that once roamed the sea?”

Though the portal didn’t get an official quote from Johnny Depp on the discovery, fans are probably thrilled that their favourite celeb will literally become a part of their history books.

Well, what do you think about Johnny Depp’s name being associated with the Fossil? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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