Joe Alwyn Discuss Intimate Scenes In Kinds Of Kindness With Emma Stone
Joe Alwyn Discuss Intimate Scenes In Kinds Of Kindness With Emma Stone. (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Joe Alwyn has recently gushed over his co-star and offscreen friend Emma Stone while filming an intimate scene for Kinds of Kindness. The 33-year-old previously worked with Stone in Yorgos Lanthimos’ The Favourite and developed a strong friendship on set.

At the premiere of Kinds of Kindness, the 33-year-old actor discussed his upcoming movie alongside his co-stars Willem Dafoe and Jesse Plemons with Entertainment Tonight. While the group talked about a lot of stuff, the particular discussion was about the multiple sex scenes featured throughout Kinds of Kindness.

Alwyn shared while reflecting on past work with Yogos and Stone, “Having done those scenes with Yogos as the director, I trust him and Emma,” referring to The Favourite. “That familiarity and trust is a huge part of it. If you are there with people that you trust and people that you admire and love, then it’s a whole lot easier.”

The actor further opened up about a certain dark scene where his character grows sexually violent, “In Yorgos’ films, characters often go to uncomfortable places and do uncomfortable things. I certainly felt that with that darker scene, the tone on set doesn’t massively change. It doesn’t feel like you’re in a dark environment. It’s all pretty light: People are friendly, people are joking.”

Kinds of Kindness stars Alwyn, Stone, and Plemons in different characters and three different storylines throughout its runtime. In the final act, Alwyn and Stone play a separated couple struggling to co-parent their daughter. This movie came after Stone-Lanthimos collaboration for Poor Things for which the actress won an Academy Award.

Talking about the intimacy scenes, Alwyn and Plemons admitted that Kinds of Kindness had intimacy coordinators on set, and working with them “essentially turn it into a piece of choreography.” Alwyn shared, “It almost feels like you’re doing a dance or a fight, but having been on some projects with intimacy coordinators and some without them, ultimately, I think it’s about trusting the people you’re working with.”

Besides his career, Alwyn is popularly known for his six-year long relationship with singer Taylor Swift, who is also a friend of Stone since they were teenagers. Despite breaking up in 2023, Alwyn gets to remain close to Swift because he is “lucky to be close” to Stone.

Kinds of Kindness is running in theaters.

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