Jimmy Fallon Mimicing Stuttering Audience Member On "Late Night" Sets Angers Netizens - Check Out Viral Video
Amid “Inappropriate Behaviour” Allegations, Jimmy Fallon’s Old Video Mimicking An Audience Member Resurfaces, Netizen Calls Him “A Man Who Ruins Dreams” (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Television host and comedian Jimmy Fallon was recently accused of toxic culture by his two existing and as many as 14 former employees – who called him out for his inappropriate behaviour while maintaining their anonymity. The allegations were first reported by Rolling Stone revealing statements from former and existing employees from the production crew and writers.

The television host, otherwise known for his warm and cheerful personality, was quick to extend a tender apology. “It’s embarrassing, and I feel so bad. “Sorry if I embarrassed you and your family and friends,” Jimmy told his employees on Zoom Call, Variety reported quoting one of the staff members.

Amid the hues and outcry, an old video has now resurfaced where The Tonight Show host is seen mocking a person sitting in the audience section in front of his guest of the night, Neil Patrick Harris.

The said video which has now gone viral on X(formerly known as Twitter) is from the sets of “Late Night” and dates back to 2013 wherein Jimmy Fallon is seen allegedly going “scorched earth” during one of the fragments of the show called “Catchphrase”. He calls audience members David and his wife Natalie from the audience to form two teams with two members each. Jimmy and David gang up against NPH and Natalie to play the game which requires one team member to give clues to their other teammate to guess a popular catchphrase within a given timeframe.

As soon as the game begins, Jimmy is seen unleashing his competitive side, lashing out at David who appears to be stuttering. At one point, the host also mimics him, and says, “I have a tricky, tricky teammate.” Uploading the video, the user said, “In light of recent events, I always wondered what Jimmy Fallon was really like behind the scenes of “The Tonight Show” after seeing him absolutely go scorched earth on his Catchphrase teammate, a random normie audience member, on an old episode of “Late Night”‘ You can check out the video below:

“And talking about him like he’s not there…RIGHT in front of him. I had no doubts Jimmy was a jerk,” one user wrote. Another noted, “Clearly the behavior of a man who ruins dream.”

Meanwhile, some people also jumped in favour of Jimmy, saying this is just him being a sport. “Not trying to defend that man but it shows that ya’ll have never played these types of games with friends because there’s typically way more yelling involved,” one user said. Another added, “People are really gasping at straws here”.

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