Jennifer Lawrence Once Revealed That Her B**bs Are Uneven
Jennifer Lawrence Once Sarcastically Said That Her B**bs Have A Life Of Their Own ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most loved Hollywood stars. She has won many accolades for her versatile acting craft. She is a complete stunner and never leaves a chance to turn heads. Apart from her charismatic aura, she is also known for her unfiltered personality. The actress had grabbed many eyeballs in the past by making some bold statements. She once talked about her uneven b**bs in the most sarcastic way ever. Scroll below to read the details!

The Red Sparrow actress Jennifer is known for making unapologetic statements that have a lot of times even stirred controversies. The actress never shies away when it comes to speaking her mind. Today, we bring to you a throwback to when the actress made an honest confession about her b**bs and had said my br*asts have a life of their own.

As reported by Digital Spy, back in 2013, Jennifer Lawrence had revealed that she discovered her br*ast are uneven. The actress was recovering from pneumonia when she discovered there is something wrong with her b**bs. She said, “I just went to the doctor and got a chest X-Ray of my lungs done, and discovered that my br*asts are uneven. That was all I saw- I think my lungs are fine!” She further added, “I was, like, standing there with these doctors and they are looking at my lungs. I felt like an elephant in the room, and I was like, Are my br*asts uneven? And they were just kind of, like, stifled and uncomfortable, obviously. So I kept thinking, Well, I’m gonna dig myself out of this hole by bringing it up again.”

Jennifer Lawrence revealed the doctor said, okay our radiologist will back to you about your lungs. And she went on to ask again, “Any br*asts?” Notably, after that, the actress once said that people are fascinated with the br*asts that bounce as they are so used to seeing (fake ones). She further joked and said that many are confused about mine whether they bounce and added, “My br*asts have their own life.”

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