Jennifer Aniston Calls Brad Pitt S*xy, Asks "Will You Come To Me?" WATCH
Jennifer Aniston Calls Brad Pitt S*xy, Asks “Will You Come To Me?” WATCH (Photo Credit: Instagram/Entertainment Tonight)

There have been a lot of celebrity Zoom events and reunions organised during quarantine but fans have been eagerly waiting for the Fast Times at Ridgemont High virtual table. The event marks as the first reunion of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston in decades since their divorce.

The fundraising table read also featured Jimmy Kimmel, Matthew McConaughey, John Legend, Ray Liotta, Julia Roberts, Shia LaBeouf, Morgan Freeman and Henry Golding. The event took place on the Facebook page for Penn’s nonprofit CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort) and LiveXLive as well as criminal justice reform group Reform Alliance. While Morgan Freeman narrated the unrehearsed read, Dane Cook hosted the event. However, much of the attention paid to the starry event where Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s’ sequence.



The hour-long streaming event, where Brad took on the role of Brad Hamilton, originally played by Judge Reinhold, while his ex-wife Jennifer, played by high school ‘sex queen’ Linda Barrett, portrayed by Phoebe Cates. Both actors re-enacted the 1982 coming-of-age teenage dramedy’s deeply embarrassing swimsuit sequence.

In the scene, both actors, playing their respective characters, flirt during one of Brad’s dreams. “Hi, Brad,” Aniston as Linda said. “You know how cute I always thought you were. I think you’re so sexy. Will you come to me?”

Viewers loved the moment. One user even tweeted, “I LOVE seeing Brad and Jen together on the same screen.”

Here are some more tweets from the viewers who loved Brad and Jennifer’s virtual read event.

Apart from Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, Roberts played the role of Stacy Hamilton, the perky younger sister of Brad Hamilton. LaBeouf voiced for Penn’s iconic Jeff Spicoli character while Liotta played several scenes as Spicoli’s antagonist Mr Hand. The virtual table read also included the memorable scene in which Spicoli has a pizza delivered to him in class.

John Legend played the character of football star Charles Jefferson and his little brother. Henry Golding handled the role as science teacher Mr Vargas. Matthew McConaughey took on the role of Mike Damone while Dane Cook played Mark “Rat” Ratner.

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