Marvel's Falcon Fame Anthony Mackie Talks About Whether Chris Evans' Captain America Is Alive Or Not
Is Chris Evans’ Captain America Alive? Marvel’s Falcon Fame Anthony Mackie Finally Clears The Air ( Photo Credit – Movie Still; Wikimedia )

Marvel’s Falcon Anthony Mackie is now serving as the new Captain America under the MCU after Chris Evans’s Steve Rogers stepped down from the role. Anthony donned the new suit for Cap. America in The Falcon and Winter Soldier series, and received a lot of appreciation from the audience. However, fans never stopped believing that their favourite Captain America is dead.

Even though Anthony’s Sam Wilson has been embracing the Captain America role, the void created by Steve Rogers will never get filled. Now, in an interview, Anthony also talked about Captain America, and well, his hint suggested that Cap is still alive. Is it though? Scroll below to get the scoop!

In a conversation with Jimmy Kimmel on his show Jimmy Kimmel Live, Anthony Mackie was asked whether Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers, the Original Captain America is dead or alive. To which, the actor responded hilariously “Is he dead?” When Jimmy further pressed while stating that we didn’t see him die on camera, Anthony answered, “That means he ain’t dead!”

Further going in the conversation when Anthony Mackie mentioned, “Why you trying to kill Steve?! That’s age discrimination, ain’t nothing wrong with an old Cap!” When Jimmy Kimmel revealed that he was only trying to fish out some answers, Mackie shared, “Oh, ok! I’m like….old Cap get like discount breakfast at iHop. All of us wanna be old Cap.”

On further pressing, Anthony Mackie finally answers with a little joke, “Yeah! I think so! I didn’t see him die! I don’t know, I saw Chris two weeks ago, and he looked pretty good.”

Well, if we believe Chris Evans’ Captain America is alive, we don’t think there will be any chance of him returning as Cap. in the Marvel Universe. What do you think about it? Would you like to see ‘Old Captain America’ in any future Marvel movies? Let us know!

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