Henry Cavill Return In The Flash
Will Henry Cavill’s Superman Return In The Flash? The Timelines & Synopsis Has The Answer ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

The highly anticipated Ezra Miller’s The Flash movie has got everyone excited. While the movie went through a hell lot of controversies, the movie is finally ready to hit the theatres. Amidst the controversies, DC fans hit rock bottom when they got to know about the departure of Henry Cavill’s Superman. However, the upcoming Flash movie has teased how the DCU will remove Cavill’s Superman.

The Flash movie will open the multiversal ties within the DC universe and has teased Cavill’s Superman. The movie will also bring Keaton and Affleck’s Batman, which has excited fans even more. However, a new report shows that the movie might show events from the Man of Steel movie and might touch upon Superman’s departure.

As reported by The Direct, the plot of The Flash movie will largely take place in 2013, during an alternate version of the events of Man of Steel. Even the Toy Ark reported about the movie’s plot and mentioned the movie will see “Barry Allen [arrive] in an alternate 2013”, as seen in Zack Snyder’s DCEU debut. The report also adds that Ezra Miller’s Speedster will ask “his friend and mentor Bruce Wayne.” Upon realizing that “the Multiverse is different on all fronts” with this world’s Bruce being “long-retired from service.”

The recently released The Flash Super Bowl trailer hints at the time jump back to 2013. In the teaser, Micheal Keaton’s Batman directly referenced Barry Allen’s “go[ing] into the past” which could be a hint to go to the time period of Henry Cavill’s Superman. Later in the conversation, the duo talked about the “past” which is likely the confirmation that the Flash movie will explore events of previous DC films like Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel and Justice League.

Michael Shannon’s Man of Steel villain General Zod appearing in the trailer has excited fans that the movie will show the events of Man of Steel. The recent reports just add more fire to the rumour of Henry Cavill’s Superman references in The Flash movie.

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