From Audrey Hepburn & Julia Roberts To Sandra Bullocks & Anne Hathaway – 7 Actress Who Has Compete Makeovers In Movies
When The Ugly Ducklings Transformed Into Beautiful Swans – 7 Makeover Movies We Are Proud Of(Pic credit: Movie Still)

We all love hearing stories of one’s life getting better because of a fairy godmother making an appearance in it. When Cinderella’s fairy godmother entered her life, she got a wardrobe change and a complete makeover making the prince of the kingdom fall head-over-heels in love with her. Similarly, we have some amazing Hollywood makeover movies.

Hollywood, has time and again shown how a makeover can change the way people and society perceive you. From changed hairdos to wardrobe upgrades and grooming in how to walk, talk and behave – Hollywood actresses have shown us how to transform from the plain maiden to a lady (or whatever you feel like becoming) in style.



From Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman to Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality and Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada & The Princess Diaries, here some of our favourite Hollywood makeover movies.

My Fair Lady (1964)

This 1964 musical drama saw Audrey Hepburn’s Eliza Doolittle undergo a profound transformation from her diction to her mannerism and wardrobe. She traded in her shawls and a drab colour palette for gorgeous pastel gowns and hats. This has to be one of the first and till date best Hollywood makeover movies.

Pretty Woman (1990)

How difficult can it be to transform a Hollywood prostitute into a stunning beauty to take to high-end parties? Well, Julia Roberts’ Vivian Ward faced the brunt initially but once she got Edward Lewis’ (Richard Gere) credit card in her pocket, the scenes changed. As did her wardrobe and the way people behaved with her.

Miss Congeniality (2000)

What happens when you put an FBI officer – who is miles away from anything feminine – as an undercover candidate for a beauty pageant? Well, a complete transformation in what comes first. Sandra Bullock’s Gracie Hart has an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan transformation in this comedy flick at the start of the century. This is hands down one of the best Hollywood makeover movies.

The Princess Diaries (2001)

Another turn of the century makeover we love is that of Mia Thermopolis transforming into Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi, Princess of Genovia. Anne Hathway’s Mia underwent a transformation wherein her thick, black rim glasses were broken (literally) and traded in for lenses. We saw her undergo major hair reforms where her curls were straightened to meet the standards that society dictates.

The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

When you enter the fashion world, you have no other option but to adopt its rules and regulations to succeed. And that’s precisely what Anne Hathaway’s Andrea ‘Andy’ Sachs does in this makeover movie co-starring Meryl Streep. From not knowing the difference between two shades of blue (remember her first meeting with Streep’s Miranda Priestly?) to walking the streets of Paris in the best trends and styles – Andy’s makeover is something we all want!

She’s The Man (2006)

What do you do when your school shuts down the girls’ soccer team and you still want to play? Well, if you are Amanda Bynes’ Viola Hastings, you – with the help of your friends – undergo a makeover to transforms yourself into your brother Sebastian (James Kirk) and head off to his boarding school. While the love angles that followed are sure to make you laugh – her transformation into Sebastian is worthy of praises.

Easy A (2010)

High school drama is something we have all seen. But Emma Stone’s Olive Penderghast found a new way of dealing with it – give them what they want. Her transformation from a simple girl to the school’s ‘dirty skank.’ From wearing revealing and slutty clothes – that she creates overnight in her bedroom – to the way she approaches and talks to her fellow student – this makeover can be a nightmare if you go even 1% off. But she aced it.

Which is your favourite Hollywood makeover movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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