Throwback When Former Adult Star Mia Khalifa Called Men Cheap & Easy That Sparked A Controversy
Once Former P*rnstar Mia Khalifa Called Men ‘Cheap & Easy’: “Do You Have An Idea How Many Men Wanted Me…” ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Mia Khalifa is someone who always remains in the spotlight. With more than 27 million followers on Instagram, she enjoys a loyal fanbase. The former adult star is known for sparking controversies. She once made headlines for calling men cheap and easy.

Mia once sparked controversy by uploading a video on Tiktok in which she responded to a user’s clip, where they had said, “getting a man should not be a goal in life.” In the similar video, Khalifa also talked about her dating experience. Scroll down to read more.



Mia Khalifa, the former adult star once called men cheap and easy and said that getting a man should not be a goal in life. She had uploaded a video on Tiktok responding to a user’s clip and said, “Men are the easiest thing in the entire world. If you are wondering how you and another woman got the same man, it is because men are the easiest thing in the entire world. I have never wanted a man and not gotten him. Do you have an idea how many men I have wanted me and not gotten me?”

However, Mia Khalifa did admit to having slipped up in the past for certain men. She further added, “Granted some dusty’s have caught me slipping, but there has never been a single man that I have wanted that I have not gotten because men are cheap.” Back then, Mia’s video was shared like hotcakes and was viewed more than 9.3 million times. A lot of users shared their views on the topic. There were many who supported her opinion. On the other hand, many trolled Khalifa for her double standards.

A user wrote, “Most men are easy but a man who will know his worth will only smash her.”

Many called her statement ironic. Another user wrote, ” Mia Khalifa calling men cheap and easy is the most ironic statement.”

Well, Mia Khalifa stopped making p*rnographic films in 2015 but considering her widespread fame, most people assume that Khalifa had been making p*rnographic films for a long time. But as per reports, most of the content she created was done over a span of three months, following which she promptly left the industry.

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