Elle Fanning Doesn't "Feel The Pressure" To Star In A Marvel, DC, Or Star Wars Film Even After Getting Rejected
Elle Fanning Doesn’t “Feel The Pressure” To Star In A Marvel, DC, Or Star Wars Film Despite Auditioning & Getting Rejected For One Franchise Film ( Photo Credit – Instagram; Movie Poster )

Elle Fanning is one of the few actors who thinks she does not need a big franchise film to stay relevant as an actor. However, she does not deny that these films have helped other actors’ careers in a big way. She does not even deny herself auditioning for one such big movie and getting rejected for the same. Fanning, who has been the youngest jury ever at Cannes in 2019, at the age of 21 talks about her film audition recently.

Fanning confirmed that she has auditioned for at least one big franchise movie. She revealed she lost out on a role because her social media wasn’t sufficient enough for the studio. She also revealed that she doesn’t even feel the pressure to headline such a movie.

While talking on the ‘Happy Sad Confused’ Podcast, Elle Fanning said, “I don’t feel that pressure. I don’t,” regarding getting cast in a big-budget franchise. She also acknowledged, “Joining the likes of Marvel, Star Wars or DC does something for other actors’ careers. But you also don’t know if they’re going to work sometimes, which is scary.”

However, the Maleficent actress recalled auditioning for a big film. She confessed, “I did try out for. I’m not going to say what it was, but I didn’t get a part once for something big because – it might not have just been this reason, but this was the feedback that I heard – was because I didn’t have enough Instagram followers at the time.”

Elle Fanning continued, “So that was a little like…I firmly don’t believe in not getting a part, for that. It was for a bigger thing, a franchise thing.” She even talked about joining a franchise and said, “I would never say no to those things, but I would have to have a meeting and really talk to see what it is.”

Joking what her show ‘The Great’ Season 3, co-star Nicholas Houte had to go through while he auditioned for The Batman before he lost the film to Robert Pattinson. Elle Fanning cheekily said, “I didn’t have to go through what Nick did…they made him try the Batman suit on.”

Elle Fanning’s show ‘The Great’ Season 3 has dropped on Hulu and the 10-episode series is receiving great reviews for its new season. She is also a part of the to-be-launched video game ‘Death Stranding 2’.

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