Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock Is A Complete Misfit For Mufasa & THIS Photo Is The Proof!
Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock Is A Complete Misfit For Mufasa & THIS Photo Is The Proof! Pic credit – Dwayne Johnson / Instagram; Moive Still )

Disney created one of the most iconic characters of the animated world in the form of Mufasa. The powerful lion and the father of Simba holds a special place in everyone’s heart and even Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock found it hard to resist the charm of the character.

As we all know, 31st October marked Halloween for 2020 and in every part of the globe, people celebrated the occasion by giving themselves a complete makeover. The Rock too celebrated Halloween but guess what, he failed big time becoming Mufasa.

Dwayne Johnson due to his hulk physique failed to fit into Mufasa’s costume but fortunately, Lion’s mane headpiece came to his rescue. He himself uploaded the picture of the same on Instagram and we bet you, you will find it hard to resist your laughter.

Captioning the picture, Dwayne Johnson wrote, “I was all set to become the wisest king of all – MUFASA, buuuut unfortunately the costume didn’t quite fit my body. But at least my Lion’s mane headpiece is beautiful with a dash of sexy and fits me PERFECTLY…Yup, if 2020 was a Halloween costume this would be it…Still had a great quarantine Halloween and the babies had a blast – hope you guys did as well.”

Check out the picture below:

Meanwhile, Dwayne recently posted the workout video in which he gave some serious goals of venting out the frustration.

Taking to Instagram, Dwayne Johnson posted a back workout video, which he calls ‘one of the best back workouts in recent years’. He confessed in the caption about taking out the frustration of the work through an intense workout session. His caption reads, “Had to get a workout #2 in last night since I was pissed about something that happened at work and needed to blow off steam. I know ALL of you know that feeling. Wound up being one of the best back workouts I’ve had in years – and I’ve had some intense doozies so go figure. Turn up your volume, play angry and have a productive rest of the week, my friends.”

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