Drake's Wish Approved By Barack Obama
Barack Obama Approves Drake’s Desire To Play Him In A Biopic

Barack Obama served as 44th President of the US, from 2007 to 2009. He has been one of the most loved presidents of modern times. During his reign, he was quite popular for surprising people by asking about their problems and greeting them in parks or any other public places. Impressed by such humbleness and connectivity with common man, rapper Drake had once expressed of playing him in the biopic.

For the unversed, the Thank Me Later singer made his acting debut with the television show, Degrassi: The Next Generation, and big-screen debut with Charlie Bartlett. Back in 2010, he had expressed his interest in playing Obama in his biopic while talking to Paper. Since then, there were no developments on the project. But now, all of a sudden, the former President has given a green signal to the rapper.

Yes, you read that right! Barack Obama has approved Drake’s wish of playing him in the biopic. The miracle took place during Obama’s latest interview of Complex’s Speedy Morman. He said, “I will say this, Drake seems to be able to do anything he wants. I mean, that is a talented, talented brother. So if the time comes and he’s ready. He has, more importantly, I think, my household’s stamp of approval. I suspect Malia and Sasha (Obama’s daughters) would be just fine with it.”

Now, that’s really a dream come true for Drake after waiting for 10 long years!

Back in 2010, the singer had said, “I hope somebody makes a movie about Obama’s life soon because I could play him. I watch all the addresses. Anytime I see him on TV, I don’t change the channel, I definitely pay attention and listen to the inflections of his voice. If you ask anyone who knows me, I’m pretty good at impressions. Slowly but surely, I’m not in the study mode because nobody’s called me about anything, but I just pay attention so when the day comes I’m not scrambling to learn how to speak like him.”

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