Doja Cat Is “Not Comfortable” Posting On TikTok Over Unintentional Gaslighting Comments
Doja Cat Is Uncomfortable Posting On TikTok, Says “It’s Really My Dumb*ss Fault” (Photo Credit: Koimoi)

If Doja Cat’s recent tweets are anything to go by, the singer, who recently released Best Friend with Saweetie, is most likely taking a break from TikTok. The award-winning singer has recently been receiving pretty harsh criticism and rude comments from the public.


After posting a few funny videos of TikTok, Doja tweeted that she is “not comfortable” making TikTok videos anymore. Read on to know all she wrote below.

On Twitter, Doja Cat vented her frustration about Tik Tok and said she is not comfortable. She wrote, “i’m not comfortable making tik toks anymore i feel like something is wrong with me. y’all got me. :/”


When a Twitter user replied to Doja Cat’s tweet expressing her sadness that people are spreading hate and leaving rude comments, the singer said they are “unintentionally gaslighting”. Her reply read, “they’re not even being hateful they’re just unintentionally gaslighting and i’m dead*ss not fit to just take the joke cuz i’ve actually struggled w sh*t before and i have a lot of fear in me so it just adds up in the end when i read that kind of sh*t.”

When another fan commented that people write “are you okay doja” only for likes, the Best Friend singer replied, “i get that but it’s fucking depressing to accept that sh*t.”

Pointing out it is her fault for being on a platform that allows people to make fun of her, Doja Cat tweeted, “it’s really my dumb*ss fault cuz i put myself out there to be made fun of anyway but it’s just reached a point for me personally so i’m done w the funny sh*t. y’all can make fun of my music n my performances cuz those not meant to be a joke and ill feel better about that.”

Following this, when a fan commented that he performances are “too good to be laughed at,” the replied, “that’s why i’m ok w it”

Doja Cat finished the session by sharing love among her fans and followers, writing, “love u guys thank u (Two hearts emojis)”

What are your thoughts on the rude ‘gaslighting’ comments made on social media?

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