Dwayne Johnson Had Revealed The Ending Of Red Notice Through An Instagram Post Two Years Ago
Dwayne Johnson Already Revealed Red Notice’s Twist Two Years Ago(Photo Credit: Facebook/Poster From Movie)

Dwayne Johnson has been spoiling Red Notice ever since the director Rawson Marshall Thurber pitched the story to the actor in 2018. The Rock has always been known for his fun-loving and charismatic personality that charms his fans. His latest film starring Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds is garnering numbers as it became the most-watched movie on Netflix.

Johnson took to his Instagram to share how the film is also the streaming giant’s biggest movie ever as it has crunched around 277.9 million hours of viewing from users across the globe. If you have watched it, then you’d know that it is filled with several plot twists. If you haven’t watched it yet, then be warned for the spoilers ahead.



Dwayne Johnson plays the role of Agent John Hartley in Red Notice, who, after getting caught in a mishap, ends up with a con-man, played by Ryan Reynolds. Together they go on an adventurous mission to catch an art thief, The Bishop, played by Gal Gadot. However, in the end, we get to know that The Bishop was a duo and Johnson’s character was a part of it.

Now, Red Notice director Rawson Marshall Thurber revealed during an interview with Collider that Dwayne Johnson has more or less been spoiling the end of the film since he pitched it to the actor in 2018. “So for Dwayne, I pitched him the whole story and then got to the twist at the end, and that’s actually the moment when I was — we were having dinner,” Thurber said.

“And I pitched him the story, and he’s listening, he’s eating his steak and drinking, and he’s like, ‘I’m kind of into it’ … and then I get to the twist where, you know, John Hartley is actually the Bishop, Dwayne is actually working with Gal [Gadot], and he got up, and he threw his napkin down, and he said, ‘I’m in! I’m in, I’m in, I’m in.’ And then I got really drunk.” the director continued.

After that, the director detailed his reaction to The Rock, posting a picture from said dinner on his Instagram page in February 2018. Along with that, the caption read, “…My character will make you think twice about ever judging a book by its cover. Even if you’ve read every page.”

“Yeah, that’s the actual dinner,” Rawson Marshall Thurber said. “And yeah, Dwayne’s tricky, man. I mean, he’s kind of been playing it cards up on his Instagram if you go back and read his posts about his character. It’s all there,” said the Red Notice director while revealing that Dwayne Johnson had been spoiling the movie for a couple of years.

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