Julia Fox’s 2017 Art Show Had Her Painting About S*x & Death In Her Own Blood: “I Wanted It To Be As Personal As Possible”
Julia’s 2017 Art Show, ‘R.I.P. Julia Fox’ Saw The Model Painting About S*x & Death In Her Own Blood: “I Wanted It To Be As Authentic As Possible” (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Julia Fox is an actress-model who has recently been in the news owing to the shocking claims she made about her ex-boyfriend Kanye West. The 33-year-old Italian-American model – who is known for eccentric style and online presence, made the headlines last month when she revealed the rapper had gifted her a new wardrobe, and she was only allowed to leave her house only in outfits pre-approved by him.

While this bombshell statement made Fox a part of the headlines, did you know she once made the headlines owing to her paintings? Yes, the model had an art show in 2017, and it gained much attention thanks to her painting the art pieces in blood. Read on to know all about the show and why blood and silk was her choice for ink and canvas.

During a May 2017 interview with HuffPost, Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend got candid about ‘R.I.P. Julia Fox,’ her art show that talks about the erotic and fetishistic elements and covers the themes of s*x, death, sorrow, and the metaphysical. During the interaction, the actress-model was asked, “Some of your paintings in this show utilize blood on silk. Is this your blood, and if so, describe the process of exsanguination (draining blood).”

Replying in the affirmative, Julia Fox said, “Yes, it’s my blood. I wanted the show to be as authentic and personal as possible.” Talking about the exsanguination process, she continued, “I extracted the blood with a syringe and used the syringe to paint on the silk. It wasn’t as bad as it seems.”

Talking about why she chose silk as her canvas, the ‘No Sudden Move’ actress said, “I love the way blood bleeds onto fabrics. I think the color is mesmerizing. I chose the silk because it’s so feminine in that it is delicate but at the same time it’s so strong and hard to tear through. I feel like blood is so precious and it’s only right that it be displayed on a fabric which is just as precious.”

Revealing why death was one of the themes in her art show, Julia Fox said, “I guess I’ve always been fascinated with death.” Recalling her near-death experiences, she continued, “In one particular instance, I saw the infamous tunnel of light and felt my spirit elevate from my human body and shoot into space. I guess I’ve always wondered where I was going. I’ve always been curious.” Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend added that she subconsciously puts herself in dangerous situations in the hope that she would revisit that place.

Would you ever make paintings – and display them in an art show, like Julia Fox did? Personally, I don’t think I ever would.

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