29th Annual Critics Choice Award: America Ferrera's Acceptance Speech For SeeHer Award Makes Everyone Laugh Hard To Cry Hard In A Jiffy
Barbie Actress America Ferrera’s Acceptance Speech At Critics Choice Award Makes Everyone Tear Up(Photo Credit –Facebook/Instagram)

29th Annual Critics Choice Award took an emotional turn as Margot Robbie presented the SeeHer award to her Barbie co-star, America Ferrera. SeeHer award is given to recognize talents who have fearlessly portrayed women on screen. SeeHer is a leading global movement for accurate portrayals of women and girls in media. While America was on stage, her acceptance speech tore everyone in the hall, including her Barbie co-star Ryan Gosling!

The first SeeHer award was given to Viola Davis in 2017, followed by Gal Gadot in 2018, Claire Foy in 2019, Kristen Bell in 2020, Zendaya in 2021, Halle Berry in 2022, and Janelle Monae in 2023. America Ferrera received the honor as she portrayed Gloria in Barbie – a fierce and fiery woman who defied every single norm written in the book, perhaps.

Margot Robbie presented the award, and she made sure to introduce her co-star in the most apt way. In her speech, the actress said, “America is both my co-star and my friend, so I feel extremely qualified to tell you she is authentic in everything she does,” said Robbie. “On screen, she plays characters that defy stereotypes, push boundaries, and inspire the next generation to see themselves as they are. Off-screen, she is remarkably grounded, surprisingly silly, seemingly unaffected by the talent she possesses, and always, always on the right side of a cause.”

However, when America Ferrera was on stage, she made sure to make everyone laugh and cry with her speech at the same time. The hall cracked up when she admitted that she was waiting for her speech to roll on the teleprompter, and she made everyone wait till her speech appeared on-screen. However, from making everyone laugh to tearing them up, Ferrera took 30 seconds.

Accepting the award, the actress said, “It seemed impossible that anyone could make a career portraying fully dimensional Latina characters, but because of writers, directors, producers, and executives who were daring enough to rewrite outdated stories and to challenge deeply entrenched biases, I and some of my beloved Latina colleagues have been supremely blessed to bring to life some fierce and fantastic women.”

The Ugly Betty star moved her Barbie director, Greta Gerwig, and co-star, Ryan Gosling, to tears as she thanked them for being a part of a film that everyone thought should not be made! She thanked Greta for believing in a film that would have been dismissed as too girly, too frivolous, or just too problematic. She even went ahead to thank Ryan Gosling and all the Kens for being “Man enough to support women.”

While America Ferrera made everyone emotional and crying with her speech, she concluded by making sure everyone chuckled as she thanked her husband Ryan – asserting – not Gosling!

Meanwhile, if you need to know why the actress received this honor, here is a little snippet of her powerful monologue from Barbie that moved the world in 2023.

In India, Critics Choice Award 2024 streamed on Lionsgate Play.

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