Cillian Murphy says playing ‘Oppenheimer’ was like a dream, says there is a universal element to it
Cillian Murphy says playing ‘Oppenheimer’ was like a dream, says there is a universal element to it (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Actor Cillian Murphy who will be essaying the role of J. Robert Oppenheimer in Christopher Nolan’s massive biopic ‘Oppenheimer’ in a recent Q&A session, called playing the role of the ‘Father of the atom bomb’ akin to a dream, and said there is a universal aspect to it, that will connect people to it.

Elaborating on working with such a big ensemble with Christopher Nolan, Murphy said: “It’s a dream, really. I never imagined to be working with all these actors in one movie. I think it’s one of the greatest modern ensembles that Christopher Nolan has put together.”

Elaborating on the movie’s universal resonance, Cillian Murphy said: “There’s a universality to it that people will connect to. People understand the themes that are in this movie. There are big questions being asked of the audience, and no answers being given – which I think is always excellent filmmaking. But it’s also a thriller and a love story, and to me there are elements of horror in there as well. So, all that just resonates with an audience. We are now living in a nuclear age because of what happened then. I mean, Oppenheimer changed the world, and we are living with the fallout of that event ever since.”

Calling the movie an overwhelming cinematic experience, Cillian Murphy said: “I was completely blown away by ‘Oppenheimer’. It’s a truly essential, cinematic, and immersive experience – particularly in IMAX. And I felt that. I would like to watch it maybe once more with an audience.”

Describing Christopher Nolan’s direction, he said: “Well, I think he’s kind of the ideal director because he writes, directs, and produces the movies. He’s incredible visually, and he is extraordinary with actors. Very few directors have all those talents in one person.”

Talking about how Nolan’s direction has changed over the years, he said: “I guess he’s become more and more confident in the sort of stories that he wants to tell. His scripts are always kind of a challenge to you, so you need to do the work, but the reward you get is terrific.”

Talking about the movie, he said: “I think what’s extra special about this movie is that it’s talking about the world. It’s really digging up what it means to be human and our responsibility as humans on this planet, and what we do with the power that we can harness – which in this case, is this extraordinary destructive and appalling weapon. I believe ‘Oppenheimer’ is one of those great movies that is incredibly entertaining but also makes you think.”

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