Chris Hemsworth Speaks About Thor 4 Mid Credit Scene
Chris Hemsworth Apologizes To Russell Crowe’s Zeus ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

Chris Hemsworth reacted to the mid-credit scenes of his previous outing as God of Thunder in Thor: Love and Thunder. The mid-credit scene revealed that Russell Crowe’s Zeus survived after Thor blasted the Greek god’s own lightning bolt through his chest. Later in the scene, he calls upon his son, Hercules, played by Brett Goldstein, to get his revenge. Following the on-screen drama, Thor actor has finally acknowledged the mid-credit scenes.

MCU’s Hercules actor Brett Goldstein jokingly challenged Thor and said he would take him down by cursing. While reacting to Hercules’s comment, check out what Thor actor Chris Hemsworth has to say about it.

While reposting the video of Brett Goldstein’s statement from the late-night show on his Twitter feed, Chris Hemsworth said, “Make sure to tell Zeus I’m sorry for the whole lightning in the chest thing”. Chris joked around the movie and asked Goldstein to apologize to Zeus for him.

Interestingly, while reacting to Hemsworth’s tweet, the Zeus actor Russell Crowe also reacted to it. He responded with a Tweet of his own, jokingly firing back at the actor and saying, “It was a lucky shot.”

This was the first time that Chris Hemsworth publicly commented about the mid-credits scene of Thor: Love and Thunder. The statement came right after Brett Goldstein who played Hercules showed his R-Rated plan to take down Thor in the MCU. The actor claimed Hercules could out-curse Thor considering he does not swear in conversations. “Yeah, he’s not a swearer. He wouldn’t know what to do. Freak him out,” MCU’s Hercules actor said.

While we don’t know whether Chris Hemsworth will return as Thor or not, we definitely want to see him returning in more MCU projects!

Do you think he can take down Hercules in the future?

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