Charlize Theron Earlier Revealed How She Turned To A Lot Of Alcohol For A Movie Role
Charlize Theron Once Took The Help Of Alcohol To Nail Her Scenes With Co-Star Patton Oswalt In Young Adult ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Hollywood star Charlize Theron is one of the best actresses around who takes her craft very seriously. However, during one phase of her acting career, Theron had to rely on a lot of alcohol to prepare for a role. Well, this goes back to 2011 when the actress starred in the dramatic comedy Young Adult, featuring Patton Oswalt and Patrick Wilson in prominent roles.

Charlize Theron was on a sabbatical for three years before finally saying yes to the movie Young Adult. After reading the script, she felt the film was much more real than others in similar genres.



According to Showbiz Cheatsheet, Charlize Theron at the time did not enjoy her rehearsing her scenes with Patton Oswalt, maybe because, in general, she does not enjoy the rehearsal process. Therefore, to make the process more interesting, Theron turned to alcohol, and Oswalt dubbed the process as “acting juice.” Shedding light on the same, the actress asserted, “Patton and I, right off the bat, had such great chemistry. From the moment that we met. We have the same sense of humour. He didn’t let me get away with my s**t. I didn’t let him get away with his s**t. In a way, we became the characters. It sounds so bizarre, but we just started having that relationship where he pushed my buttons, and I pushed back.”

Charlize Theron then revealed how she turned to alcohol to help nail her scenes with Oswalt. “A lot of alcohol,” revealed Theron. Agreeing with her, Oswalt shared how they got more free with the help of alcohol. “We call it acting juice. We kind of got along right at the first table read. We were teasing each other, there was just something,” said Oswalt.

In a different interview in 2018, Charlize Theron spilt the beans about how she enjoyed marijuana way more than alcohol. The Old Guard actress said, “I really appreciated marijuana way more than alcohol or anything else. My chemistry was really good with it when I was younger, and then it just changed one day. Like, in my early thirties, I just became boring on it, and I would just stand in front of my fridge, so that’s no good.”

Theron also revealed the reason behind consuming marijuana and how she started enjoying it with her mother too.

“And I’m actually really interested because I have really bad insomnia, and I’d much rather get off sleeping pills and figure out a strain that helps me sleep better. So when I have a moment, I’m actually doing that with my mom. My mom has really bad sleep too,” concluded the actress.

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