Angelina Jolie & Chris Hemsworth Were Once Rumoured To Have An Affair, But The Thor Actor Put Speculations To Rest
When Angelina Jolie Was Accused Of Creating Problems In Chris Hemsworth Marriage, But The Thor Actor Said There’s Someone Else His Wife Should Be Threatened With ( Photo Credit – Instagram; Flickr )

Usually, the saying goes that there’s no smoke without fire, but the internet is one crazy place. Netizens can create fire without a purpose, without any resources and sometimes, without fire itself. Well, we only mean that people have become can create baseless rumours about celebrities without reason. Sometimes, it can be dangerous. A few years ago, false rumours about Chris Hemsworth and Angelina Jolie stirred up, causing a major frenzy on social media. Scroll on to learn more.

In 2016, Angelina sought divorce from Brad Pitt and custody of their six children. Regardless of the turbulence in her personal life, the actress was doing great in her career. She starred in Marvel’s Eternals, released in 2021. That’s where the troubles began. The rumour mills went wild with speculation that she was interested in another MCU actor, Chris.

Chris Hemsworth has been happily married to Elsa Pataky for more than a decade and is a father to three children. As per CelebrityInsider, in 2018, rumours surfaced that the Thor actor was having trouble in paradise because of Angelina Jolie. The actor sat at the same table during Golden Globes 2018 and shared the stage at the Marvel panel at Comic-Con a few months later. Their pictures went viral online, and fans suggested they could spot a chemistry between the two. Tabloids even suggested that Pataky had asked Chris to stay away from Angelina.

Thankfully, Chris Hemsworth dismissed all the rumours in the wittiest way possible on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. During the interview, the host said, “People were making a big to-do about you sitting next to Angelina Jolie. They were acting… just because your wife didn’t make it, I guess she wasn’t there. They sat you next to Angelina and acted like it was some kind of ‘thing’.”

Interestingly, a picture had been circulating of Angelina Jolie and Chris sitting at the table at Golden Globes. But, the Extraction actor revealed there was more to the snap.

“See, you’ve done what the internet has done, which is you’ve cropped out my real “date”.’ There he is! That’s our Thor 3 director Taika Waititi. And, look, Angelina is incredible and wonderful. I’m a fan, my wife’s a fan, but that guy may threaten her more! His sense of humour and intellect and what he did with Thor 3 are bloody remarkable. And there’s a definite love for one another,” Hemsworth added.

Well, the rumours were simply a bunch of baseless rumours. On the personal front, Chris and Elsa are happy together, and Angelina is focussing on her six kids.

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