RM Felt Insulted After He Got Accused By Another Rapper Of Selling Out For Better Money
RM Felt Insulted After He Got Accused By Another Rapper Of Selling Out For Better Money ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

One of the biggest K-pop groups of all time- BTS debuted in 2010 but has been under constant scrutiny ever since. BTS rapper RM recalled one of the incidents in the upcoming memoir Beyond the Story: 10-Year Record of BTS revealing how getting dissed early in his career felt like a slap that came out of nowhere. Scroll down to know the details.

The BTS memoir has been co-written by the group and journalist Myeongseok Kang. RM, whose real name is Kim Nam-joon, in the book spoke about getting dissed by rapper B-Free way back in 2013 where the latter claimed that RM and another BTS member Suga sold out to become idols.

According to the Insider, BTS RM in the book said, “Taking an insult like that to our faces, and from someone in the same industry… the Korean word ‘moyok,’ feels too flat, I can’t think of a word more suitable than ‘insult.’” The rapper added, “Anyways, that was when I learned how to respond when you’re walking down the street and you get slapped in the face out of nowhere.” RM and Suga were accused of starting their careers in hip-hop but went on to become idols for better career opportunities.

Recalling the incident, RM continued that the moment felt like “something everyone has to go through once in their lives.”

B-Free, in 2013, claimed that he hadn’t listened to BTS’ music. While also mocking their appearance as idols saying they “could have continued on the path to become rappers but couldn’t resist the temptation of money.”

He, however, later apologized saying he went overboard also admitting it was “wrong to attack them.” B-Free apologized again to BTS fans in 2019 with a tweet that he was “so sorry for all the emotional pain I’ve caused” to BTS and their loyal fans.

RM in the memoir has mentioned that the incident was inevitable. The rapper recently spoke about how he is trying to become a better person. “

“I always want to become a better person. But just as the content of love is much more important than the word ‘I love you,’ I think you should first have a definition of ‘better person,’” said the BTS member.

He added, “It’s really hard to become a better person. Because you have to do it for the rest of your life. That’s why I think I feel elegant when I see someone who has lived with that kind of goal and heart for a long time.”

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