Crazy Details About Ben Affleck's Probable Appearance In Justice League Trilogy
Ben Affleck To Don The Batman Suit For More Justice League Films?

Well, Justice League: Snyder Cut is coming in with a lot of hope for not just fans but also stars. Apparently, the makers are trying to get Ben Affleck back for the Justice League trilogy. Yes, Warner Bros is planning to start the Justice League trilogy with Snyder Cut being the starting point.

All this gets crazier with more reports coming in. The news also states that the follow-ups to Justice League won’t be movies. They will be web-shows/miniseries and will be showcased in parts just as Justice League: Snyder Cut.



Mikey Sutton from Geekosity writes in his article, “Apparently, although I’m placing numbers on the Justice League follow-ups, they won’t be movies. They will have cinematic budgets, but they are going to give Snyder the hours to let the stories fully unfold.”

He also adds, “What HBO Max is looking for are superheroic Game of Thrones. Live-action graphic novels. When Snyder does continue Justice League, it will be in that format. It will give him space to develop Darkseid, bring Green Lantern into the team, allow him creative freedom. He can also push the edges without fearing a PG-13 will become an R, a no-no for mega superhero movies in theatres.”

“HBO Max would like Ben Affleck to remain as Batman for the whole trilogy as it won’t affect Robert Pattinson’s version in the movies. Eventually, though, they do wish for Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel to meet Pattinson’s Dark Knight,” concludes Mike in his report.

This is a whole lot of crazy even for Ben Affleck fans! What do you think of his appearance in Justice League sequels if they ever happen? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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