Ben Affleck Reveals Learning How To Break-Dance With Matt Damon: "There's A Lot Of Popping, Locking & Back Spinning"
Ben Affleck Shares An Adorable Story About Him & Longtime Friend Matt Damon(Photo Credit: flickr)

Ben Affleck revealed how he and his longtime friend Matt Damon used to break-dance in nylon tracksuits and tried to make money through dancing in the subway. The two Hollywood hunks met each other as kids in the 1980s. From school to getting into acting, the two have done A LOT of things together.

Everyone remembers their film ‘Good Will Hunting.’ Ben and Matt not only co-starred in it but co-wrote it and won their first Oscars for it. The two actors became household names after the success of the movie. Now, the Justice League actor has shared another story about their years of friendship.



While appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show to promote his film The Tender Bar, directed by George Clooney, Ben Affleck revealed his and BFF Matt Damon’s idea of learning how to break-dance in the ’80s. The actor further revealed how they would put on nylon tracksuits and try making money through dancing at the Boston subway stations.

“The tracksuits, they’re nice though. (Back) then, they were just one thin, nylon sheet. But that was cool, and we wore them … and we wanted to be cool,” Ben Affleck said. “So we learned how to break-dance, and then Matt was like, ‘If we could just get some linoleum and put it down on the subway, we could do some of our moves and put out a hat,'” he added while speaking about his and Matt Damon’s dancing adventures.

“I wouldn’t say anybody put quarters in the cup. I think they walked by with pity and astonishment,” Ben added. “But yes, there’s a lot of popping and locking and back spinning, and Matt tried to do the windmill, which he’d never quite mastered. I could get the backspin and the kick warm. Although if you asked me to do that, now you’d end up with a lawsuit because I’d crippled myself immediately,” he continued.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon just don’t stop giving their fans adorable moments to cherish. Currently, Affleck is set to reprise his role as Batman for DC’s 2022 film The Flash. Meanwhile, Damon will reportedly appear in MCU’s Thor: Love and Thunder.

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