Avengers Iron Man Hugging Spider-Man Scene With Qala Song Shauq
‘Avengers’ Iron Man Hugging Spider-Man With Shauq’s Lyrics Perfectly Matches The Scene ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

Iron Man introduced Tom Holland’s Spider-Man within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and ever since, the character has had a journey of its own. Not to forget how the character has evolved within the phases of the MCU and is one of the senior members of the new young-age Avengers that we might get to see ahead in the future. However, a new fan-made video shows the emotional scene of Tony Stark hugging Peter Parker from Avengers: Infinity War which is qued with Qala’s hit song, Shauq.

As Iron Man has left the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans speculate that he might return in the future. However, there have been various rumours that Marvel might bring back RDJ’s Tony Stark back into the MCU for a small cameo. While there is no official confirmation about his return, do check out the video, which shows the reunion of the beloved student-master duo.



A video posted by Kishan Jhun Jhun Wala on his Instagram account, “jhunjhunastic”, shows the final climax scene from Avengers: Infinity War, where Spider-Man turns into dust right into Iron Man’s arm. The lyrics make the scene more beautiful as the song played in the background is Shauq from Netflix’s Qala and as Tony hugs Peter, it is just a wholesome moment for the fandom.

The post’s caption reads, “It wasn’t just Peter’s body that was dispersed into ashes, it was also Tony’s heart that was shattered into pieces! That hug was so comforting.” The relatable caption just adds more meaning to the video.

Check out the video of Iron Man and Spider-Man below!

So far, the video has reached 242k views and has over 25k likes. While many netizens are showering their love and emotions in the comment section, check out the video below!

While reacting to a video, a user said, “I know I shouldn’t say that par Peter sach me bikhra 😭😭😭”. Another added, “The most cursed song selection 😭😭”

A user also said, ‘The scene hits harder when you realise Tony did all this because of Peter”. Another added, “Lyrics has perfect match with scene 💀”. Another added, “It’s 2023.. and I still wasn’t ready for this”.

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