James Cameron’s Avatar 1 & 2 With More Than $4 Billion Stands Tall Against All Mission: Impossible Films & Last Five MCU Projects
James Cameron’s Avatar 1 & 2 With More Than $4 Billion Stands Tall Against All Mission: Impossible Films & Last Five MCU Projects (Photo Credit: IMDb)

James Cameron has time and again proved why he is one of the top directors in Hollywood. With some of the biggest movies under his belt, the filmmaker not only earns praises from the critics but also gets love from the audience. It won’t be wrong to say James Cameron is a box-office king as his movies have easily surpassed other big franchises. A Reddit post recently made a sharp observation that his Avatar movies- a total of two have already raced ahead of other big franchises. Scroll down to read in detail.

James Cameron’s latest movie was Avatar 2: The Way of Water which was released in December 2022. If reports are to be believed, Cameron will be bringing three more Avatar movies in the next 6-8 years.

A Reddit post made a clever observation that James Cameron’s two Avatar movies have made a total of more than $5 billion at the global box-office., a feat which has not been touched by other top Hollywood franchises like the Star Wars and Marvel movies. Avatar has raked-in more than $2 billion whereas, Avatar 2: The Way of Water collected $1.9 billion. The Reddit post claimed that the two Avatar movies stand above latest four Star Wars films including the 2019 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The latest five latest MCU films including Avengers: Endgame and all five Pirates of the Caribbean films are way too far to secure the numero uno position in this list. Even the latest five movies of Fast and Furious failed to do the magic.

Take a look:

Avatar as a franchise
by u/sandyWB in boxoffice

Other movies in the list included five latest Jurassic Park films, Spider-Man films. If this was not enough all 7 Mission: Impossible films starring Tom Cruise in lead have failed to achieve what James Cameron did with his two Avatar movies. Daniel Craig’s James Bond movies and the latest 12 DCEU films were nowhere close to Avatar and Avatar 2: The Way of Water.

Social media users were quick to react to the post as one said, “Avatar has a similar allure now to what Star Wars used to – big event films that you want to see in the cinema but a new one doesn’t come out that often so you don’t get sick of the IP.”

Another posted, “I think it’s because the movies are sincere. Avatar is inherently a pretty goofy concept, especially with the giant blue tree hugging aliens,” as one person chimed in, “We lived in an age of cynicism, but the backlash is already here. That’s why films like Avatar are crushing it at the box office while meta self-aware films are flopping.”

A person shared, “Avatar movies hits the right balance of sincerity that the original star wars trilogy does. The prequels were too up their own a*s, but the sequels went the other way and were too self-aware.”

Another added, “I genuinely believe that some folks wanted Avatar to be culturally ‘insignificant’ so bad because it came out of nowhere and became bigger, financially, than all of their favourite franchises.” And, one concluded, “People didn’t really start hating on Avatar until the early/mid 2010s, after the MCU boom.”

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