Amber Heard Talks About 2020 But Johnny Depp Fans Don’t Want To Listen
Aquaman Star Amber Heard Talks About 2020; Video Flooded With Dislikes By Johnny Depp Fans (Photo Credit – Getty Images)

Amber Heard is finally moving on in life. The actress was long embroiled in a legal battle with ex-husband and actor Johnny Depp. She had accused him of domestic violence and physical abuse. Recently, JD lost the libel suit against The Sun, and it is considered to be a big win for the Aquaman actress. Or maybe not? Here’s why we say so.

A lot has changed ever since the verdict of the libel suit came out. Johnny has been ousted from JK Rowling helmed Fantastic Beasts 3. There were also chances for him to return in the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise but that’s gone the down the drain too. The actor is in fact dwindling as far as his career is concerned.



Meanwhile, Amber Heard is enjoying the new phase. She is still a part of Aquaman 2 alongside Jason Momoa. Apart from that, her miniseries, The Stand too released this month. There also have been reports that she is constantly in talks with filmmakers for many big projects. As expected, Johnny Depp fans are furious about it all.

Petitions are still being signed for removal of Amber Heard from the Warner Bros’ Aquaman. Johnny Depp fans are demanding a similar treatment with the actress. But things aren’t clearly going their way as the actress was recently even paid a staggering $33,000 for delivering a speech on domestic violence.

Amber recently gave an interview to Access. The Justice League actress spoke about her takeaways from 2020. ‘Adapt and survive, adapt and survive,’ was her mantra for the year that included the tough pandemic, loss of her mother and of course, the legal battle.

However, the video has received 265K dislikes with haters trolling the actress. There’s a different sort of war going amongst Johnny Depp and Amber Heard fans in the comment section.

Check out the video below:

Clearly, the actors may move on but fans won’ forgive and forget!

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