Anne Hathaway Once Again Faces The Internet's Brunt For Her Resurfaced Old Video Turning Down Fans For Photos & Signatures - Watch
Anne Hathaway Once Again Faces The Internet’s Brunt For Her Resurfaced Old Video Turning Down Fans For Photos & Signatures(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Anne Hathaway is a splendid actress with an Oscar to her credit, yet people find reasons to hate her. Recently, an old video of her went viral on social media, which sparked a debate among the netizens on whether she is rude. Anne has been called rude and fake before, and one of the most infamous occasions was her Oscar acceptance speech. She received a lot of flak for that.

She became popular after appearing in films like The Princess Diaries franchise, Devil Wears Prada, and more. She got the Academy Award in Supporting Role for her role in Les Miserables. According to reports, filmmakers avoided doing movies with her because of her reputation with the public. Her career was revived when Christopher Nolan roped her in for his acclaimed film Interstellar.

The old video, which has gone viral on X, is from 2022, according to Page Six, after a Valentino fashion show in Italy. She was dressed in a magenta sequin peplum dress. She accessorized her look with a mini stud handbag and matching platform heels. The Oscar-winning actress kept her hair down and went minimal on her makeup. Anne was seen walking to her car, and the fans swarmed to take autographs and photographs with the actress.

Anne Hathaway could be seen telling the crowd to quiet down. She said, “I cannot take photos with everyone. But I will stand here and wave if you would like to take a photo. I cannot sign; there are too many of you.” She continued, “Mi dispiace [I’m sorry], but I want you to have something, so if you’d like, I’ll just wave a little bit. Thank you for understanding.”

The viral clip has sparked a debate among the netizens in the post’s comment section. Some supported Anne Hathaway’s behavior as composed, while others labeled her rude.
One user wrote, “Absolutely not she’s being fair and personally I can respect her for what she said.”

A second fan said, “Absolutely. Very gracious.”

Another claimed, “Very polite, she could easily have ignored them.”

Followed by, “I think she is polite. She could have just ignored them. People should leave celebrities be – let them live their lives.”

A fifth one said, “I feel like that was very reasonable.”

One person wrote, “Perfectly well handled!”

Then, some people called Anne Hathaway rude and snobbish.

A hater said, “I think she’s being what she is – an unlikeable narcissist.”

Another wrote, “Condescending and rude. It’s clearly rehearsed, she wasn’t planning on taking any pictures even if there were 5 out there.”

One wrote, “Plastic Grace.”

Followed by one saying, “She is definitely condescending to her fans…”

Check out the clip posted on X by Oil London and decide for yourself:

Anne Hathaway was last seen in Eileen, released in December 2023.

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