Andrew Garfield Shares How A Food Delivery Guy Almost Ruined His Spider-Man: No Way Home Secret
Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man: No Way Home Secret Was Almost Busted By A Food Delivery Guy(Pic Credit: Movie Still, Poster)

Andrew Garfield has revealed how a delivery guy almost busted his Spider-Man: No Way Home surprise during the film’s shoot last year. Speculations about the involvement of Garfield and Tobey Maguire in Tom Holland’s third solo outing as the wall-crawling superhero started to make news weeks before the release of the film.

When it finally did hit the theatres, fans were not disappointed and loved watching all the three Spideys in one frame. Even though it has been more than a month since its release, the film is still churning in good numbers at the box office and a lot of it is owed to the special appearance by the former heroes.

Now, Andrew Garfield has recently revealed a time when a food delivery person also busted the Spider-Man: No Way Home secret while speaking on the podcast, Happy Sad Confused. The actor revealed that he had just arrived in Atlanta, where the shooting took place when the incident occurred.

Andrew Garfield said, “It’s literally my first night there, and it’s great. I get to wear a mask everywhere. I get to wear a hat. Nobody’s ever going to know I’m here, and I’m going to really be low-key and whatnot.” The Spider-Man: No Way Home actor added, “So the guy comes to the door, the delivery guy, sweet seeming guy, nice seeming dude, and I open the door, And he’s like, yo, yo, yo, I need to see your ID. And I’m like ‘Huh?’ He’s like, ‘I need to see your ID.’ And I’m like, ‘No delivery food thing has ever asked me for my ID. This is interesting’.”

“I’m like, ‘Sorry, man, why do you need my ID?’ ‘So I can check that it’s you.’ First of all, my DoorDash account is not my name. And he’s like, ‘Yeah, ’cause you got alcohol.’ And I’m like, ‘No, I didn’t get alcohol. I didn’t get any alcohol, man. I got some tacos,'” Andrew continued.

Garfield then talked about the tweet made by the delivery guy back then, which added fuel to the rumours of his appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home. “Lo and behold the guy goes, ‘I just delivered food to Andrew Garfield,’ and I think he called me rude, which I definitely wasn’t,” he said.

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