Amber Heard Vs Johnny Depp: Body Language Expert Now Analyzes Heard's Sobbing Testimony, Calls It 'Bad Acting'
Was Amber Heard’s Crying Staged During Testimony Against Johnny Depp? Body Language Expert Reveals ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Wikimedia )

Hollywood actor Amber Heard recently received a lot of flak for a viral video in which she was seen breaking down during an ongoing trial against ex-husband Johnny Depp. Netizens felt that the actress was fake crying and posing for the camera. Read on!

For the unaware, Amber and Johnny presently are in the middle of a lawsuit. Depp slammed his estranged ex-wife Heard for a 50 million dollar lawsuit over her op-ed on domestic violence, which she wrote for Washington Post. The ongoing trial is being televised nationally, and many details from it are being shared on social media.

Now, the famous body language expert, Doctor Lillian Glass, who wrote a renowned book titled Body Language Of Liars, has analysed Amber Heard’s body language during her viral testimony (in which she sobbed) and compared Heard’s breathing to a 9-1-1 caller who committed a crime. The expert also pointed out the actress’s shoulder shrugs, and facial expressions and called them ‘deceitful’.

Talking in detail about Amber Heard’s (viral) sobbing testimony, Dr Lillian Glass began by saying, “seemed contrived, as if she was doing a dramatic scene and was acting over the top.” She continued by saying, “[Amber] had no liquid in her eyes or nose, [and] she never blew her nose, just put the Kleenex to her nose and kept it there. She snuck a peek at the camera to make sure they had the shot, She comes across a very unlikeable on the stand. This is very important when it comes to a jury’s decision”

Dr Glass also stated, “As she (Amber Heard) gets more and more graphic in her description of what Johnny allegedly did to her in terms of the alleged cavity search, she tries harder and harder to conjure up emotion and tears. But the tears never came. She kept shaking her head. It truly reminded me of a beginning acting student. In essence, her bad acting appeared cringeworthy”

Yikes! That was a brutal

Just in case you are unaware of the viral sob testimony video that we are talking about, watch it below:

So, what do you think, did Amber Heard was genuine or did she stage her sob story for the cameras? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below

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