Michael B Jordan Goes Silent When Asked About Black Superman
Michael B Jordan Was Rumoured To Be Making DCU Debut As Black Superman ( Photo Credit – Instagram; Movie Still )

Long before James Gunn and Peter Safran took the boss chairs at DCU, it was DCEU and had a different leadership. While their set of challenges was different, one thing was common between the two reigns and that is the resistance they had against Henry Cavill as Superman. The same story with a different plot had unraveled then too with the bosses side eyeing Henry and announcing a Black Superman movie with Michael B Jordan. But with time we haven’t heard much and there is supposedly a heartbreaking update.

If you aren’t aware, back in 2021 it was announced that DCEU was shaping a new era for Superman and that J.J. Abrams was hired to make a movie about the Kryptonian Prince and this time he was said to be a Black actor playing the part and not Henry. Soon it was announced Michael B Jordan was cast and lot was revealed.

But nothing concrete came out of that announcement post that. In December 2022, it was speculated that the project is still on but now when Michael B Jordan was asked about it, his gestures hinted that there is no future for him in that segment. Read on to know everything you should about the same!

As per a viral press segment video on Twitter, a journalist asked Michael B Jordan about the whereabouts of the Black Superman project at HBO Max he was speculated to be a part of. The actor who was promoting Creed 3 at the moment went numb and a member from his team said they were not allowed to talk about that. To ease down the intense situation, the journalist then exclaimed that he had to try his luck. Instantly cracking up to this, Michael said, “It was a Nobel attempt.”

Meanwhile, keeping Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel and Michael B Jordan’s Black Superman aside, James Gunn has announced a new project for Clark Kent. Titled Superman: Legacy, it will be a younger version of the superhero with a new actor.

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