Lovesutra Episode 2: When Alia Bhatt Revealed Her Favourite S*x Position ‘Missionary’ - Deets Inside
Lovesutra Episode 2: When Alia Bhatt Revealed Her Favourite S*x Position ‘Missionary’ ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Gone are the days when girls wouldn’t want to talk about s*x publicly. The stigma around the topic is changing with every passing day and women have become equally involved in their s*xual relationships compared to earlier generations. We have all known women in our lives and still know who haven’t experienced org*sm in their lifetime and don’t even know about it, I don’t blame them but the system. There was nothing as pleasurable for women as men in the earlier generations but gladly times are changing and why should boys have all the fun, right? Today, we are going to talk about the time when Alia Bhatt revealed her favourite s*x position ‘Missionary’ and how women across the world could relate to it and why. Scroll below to read our take on it.


Alia is married to husband Ranbir Kapoor and recently welcomed her first child together which they named ‘Raha’. Now, back in the day celebrities refrained from talking about their s*x lives in interviews but with changing times they actually are changing the notion around it and talk about it to let the world know that it’s natural and there’s nothing wrong with talking about it.


In an interview with Vogue once, Alia Bhatt shared her favourite s*x position ‘Missionary’ and who doesn’t love a classic position, we all do. If you’re in love and want to take things to the next level in the bedroom, missionary is the first position that everyone tries and it makes sense. It’s comfortable, helps a female org*sm better and makes you have that intimate eye connection and soul connection with your partner.

As a woman, I can totally relate to Alia Bhatt’s favourite position and it’s a no brainer that most of the women enjoy this position.

Here are a few reasons why women enjoy missionary better:

  • It helps you connect with your partner in a better way as you’re looking at each other while being in the process.
  • It helps the guy hit the g-sp*t better which helps a woman c*m better.
  • While some women enjoy being on top, the majority of women like to take charge later and would want their partner to be on top first and hence missionary.
  • It’s more emotionally connecting with your partner in bed.
  • And if you get into the technicalities, the clit*ral blood flow is better in missionary which leads to amazing s*x and org*sm.

Honestly, s*x is all about experimenting in bed and doing what you like. Most of the time, we f*ck our first dates by thinking that we are on some kind of s*x mission where making our partners c*m is the only thing on our minds and that’s where it goes wrong. Take things slow and teach your partner about what you like and what you don’t like in bed. It doesn’t have to be perfect the first time you do it but should be soul-satisfying where both the partners have enjoyed equally.

While it might get monotonous with just one s*x position in the bedroom and we would recommend you to try other positions also but there’s nothing that beats a good-old-fashioned missionary position.

Tell us if you agree with Alia Bhatt and her favourite s*x position in the comments below.

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