Gwyneth Paltrow's 'Rectal Ozone Therapy' For 11K On One Sitting Can Turn Out To Be Disastrous!
Gwyneth Paltrow Admits To Getting ‘Rectal Ozone Therapy’, Here’s What Are The Dangers & Benefits Of The Treatment ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

A few days back, earlier this month, Iron Man star and wellness queen Gwyneth Paltrow admitted that she got rectal ozone therapy and bringing a lot of hateful comments from the netizens. The therapy that has been going viral for quite some time is showing some dangerous side effects, and now doctors are advising against it. Do you know how much one sitting of the treatment can take? What are the disadvantages and benefits of this therapy? Well, to know all of these, keep scrolling, as it seems the wellness guru herself doesn’t know about them!

Ozone therapy uses medical-grade ozone gas (a gas molecule that is made up of three oxygen atoms, which can also be dangerous to breathe in) administered through an ozone-generator device, which can be inserted in your body in many ways, as reported by The Cleveland Clinic. It can blow up the a** catheter in rectal ozone therapy as Paltrow had suggested.



In the podcast Art of Well Being, Gwyneth Paltrow admitted for the first time that she had gone through rectal ozone therapy in front of the doctor, Will Cole. She can be heard saying when asked about the “weirdest wellness thing” she tried, “I have used ozone therapy, uh, rectally. It’s pretty weird. But very — it’s been very helpful.”

But do you know whether it’s helpful or not?

Well, doctors were giving rectal ozone therapy, assuming that it may have a beneficial role in the management of COVID-19 disease. Apart from this, the treatment has multiple benefits, including reducing “oxidative stress,” giving the immune system a boost and protecting your body from things like bacteria and fungus, along with cell regeneration. But then why are doctors against it?

So as per Medical News Today, if someone receives ozone therapy via the rectum, they may experience discomfort, cramping, and a feeling of needing to pass gas as temporary side effects. Other than this, if air bubbles form during IV ozone therapy, they can cause a blocked vein or artery and a potentially serious condition such as a stroke or heart attack.

Apparently, this therapy needs a minimum of 5 sittings to complete a session. And these sessions are not at all reasonable. Different places take different amounts per sitting, but it can range from $100 to $400, which is almost from 10K-40K in Indian currency.

Now doctors are suggesting not to follow Gwyneth Paltrow’s path and choose a different route, like taking other dietary supplements like antioxidants instead to gain those claims that ozone therapy serves. Dr Fischer said, “That’s what I would say works, this is relatively well researched, whereas ozone’s benefit is controversial at best.”

Well, what are your thoughts about this? Would you like to get injected in the a** like Gwyneth Paltrow for ozone therapy? Let us know!

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