Conscious Chemist Review: Chic Packaging That Grabs The Eyeballs & Thoughtfully Curated Products That Deliver What It Promises!
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There are numerous viral products in the market, but don’t we all want a trusted brand that delivers it all? I personally have acne-prone and extremely sensitive skin, so it becomes a pre-requisite for me to get my hands on the gentlest possible products. Conscious Chemist was kind enough to send us their range and I must say, the expectations were moderate but they delivered more than promised!

To begin with, Conscious Chemist is a skincare brand that claims to curate “the perfect balance of active ingredients and botanical extracts.” In this evolved generation where people delve deep and want to know what exactly they are using on their skin, it becomes highly important to come up with efficient products amid multiple options in the market.



I tried a mixture of products ranging across different skin concerns and categories and below is my detailed review:

Oil Control Face Wash For Acne Prone Skin

First and foremost, we need to take a minute to appreciate the packaging. A very simple but very smartly designed cap allows the usage of the product without any leakage and makes it travel-friendly. It truly provides ‘gentle exfoliation’ with one tiny pump that’s enough to cleanse your entire face. With ingredients like Salicylic acid which is holy grail for acne-prone skin, glycolic acid and Cica extract, this gel-based product has become my go-to for AM and PM routine. Removes access oil, clears pores and makes my skin feel smooth – a total thumbs up!

Price: Rs 399

Anti-Ageing Body Cream

Retinol is a current favourite of the internet and we’ve heard so much about its benefits. Discolouration, fine lines, wrinkles – basically the forever 21 formula every woman wants to get their hands on. I haven’t heard a lot of body creams with retinol (forgive me if I sound like an alien here) but I LOVED this body cream. The consistency is a little thick, which perfectly penetrates deep and nourishes the skin from within. It majorly helped me get rid of the dryness during winter and made my skin feel the ‘revival’ in the true sense. It’s a no-brainer at Rs 499 and I’ve already ordered my next stash!

They also have two other variations – Hydration and Exfoliation. Although I haven’t tried those I’m sure and certain they’d be equally good!

Invisible Sunscreen Matte Finish

Sunscreen is a must today and if you haven’t added it to your regime yet, that’s your biggest skincare mistake. I wouldn’t use it either because most products in the market were really oily or the matte ones would leave a white cast that would totally change my skin tone. Conscious Chemist seems to have ‘consciously’ thought of these issues and came up with a gel-based invisible sunscreen with a matte finish. It works as wonderfully as it sounds with SPF 30 and you need to grab your hand on this one if you have oily skin like me. For other skin types, there are two other variations, all priced between Rs 399-599.

Oil Control Face Mask For Acne Prone Skin

It is so so important to deal with the ‘inflammation’ when you’re dealing with a breakout. Most often than not, we keep touching our acne while applying multiple products which only worsens the situation. A formulation of AHA-BHA, Salicylic acid and Saffron Petals is the ideal combination to clear dirty pores without disturbing the skin. It is a mild face mask that will help reduce your inflammation with a single usage.

Price: Rs 499


If you’ve stuck to this article by now, you’re lucky. Because this is the ULTIMATE category that I will not get tired of boasting about. Most products (even by leading brands) will be gel-based when they contain hyaluronic acid. Well, your skin must love it during summer but it’s really not enough during the winter when your skin is craving some deep nourishment without applying too many chemicals.

Their Multi-Hyauronic Gel is a cream-based moisturiser that wouldn’t leave my skin with an oily residue. MAGICAL, I swear! So important for someone who’s continuously annoying their skin with everyday makeup products but can you even help yourself if you belong to such a profession?

I was quite sceptical of using the Retinol night moisturizer because I thought it would not suit my skin but it did and how! I can see a visible difference in my face that earlier used to struggle so much with open pores and lack of radiance. Also, a special mention to the packaging of these products that are so chic that it reminds you of brands like Hailey Bieber’s RHODE.

Priced at Rs 599-649

Acne Management & Prevention Serum

This is probably the only product, which for me, did not live up to the expectations. It’s too watery for a serum consistency and that became the major turndown. There also is an unusual fragrance that wasn’t the most flattering and it might have been effective over time, but I didn’t use it after the initial trial.

There are as many as 5 other variations and the brand gives me enough faith that I could try them and won’t be disappointed.

Price Range: Rs 499-649

Well, all in all, Conscious Chemist is one trusted brand that I could totally rely on. There sure are a lot of options in the market but none that is giving you the best possible results without burning your pockets! I’m totally sticking to this one!

Check out their range of products here.

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