Skincare Regime Of Global Icon Jennifer Lopez
Get That Glowing Skin Like Jennifer Lopez By Following These Secret Tips Of her ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Jennifer Lopez is a huge personality in the world of music, which has taken her to places. She established herself as one of the most influential people in Hollywood, and not just she is also a beauty to reckon with. The singer, who is over 50 years old, looks to be in her late twenties; no, we are not over-exaggerating it at all. Have you seen the diva?

Not just us but her fans and everyone else are dying to know her secret. How is she not ageing at all? We have finally been able to debunk the secrets behind the diva’s youthful look. For the record, she has not undergone any cosmetic treatment like botox or fillers.
The beauty regime of Jennifer Lopez is something that every woman can follow, which ranges from simple things like putting on sunscreens to eating healthy and following a flourishing lifestyle. Here is a list of things she does to stay fit and young as per

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep!!!

Lopez has always said that getting a good amount of sleep is very necessary. On several occasions, the singer has said that she always makes sure to get at least eight hours of sleep.

Stay Hydrated

JLo always believes that beauty comes from within, and when you stay hydrated, it reflects on your skin. Even in one of her interviews with People magazine, she said, “Sorry, it’s true! I think drinking lots of water and fresh foods with lots of fruits and vegetables (I keep [them] with me all the time.) all play into the quality of skin’s appearance.” So make sure you have that water bottle with you always! Lopez starts her day with a special smoothie including lots of berries, yoghurt, honey, fresh lime juice, among other ingredients.

Say No To Alchohol & Cigarettes

Celebrities often give in to temptations like drinks and cigarettes, but Jennifer Lopez made sure she stays far far away from these two things, and that’s clearly visible!

No Caffeine

JLo reportedly did not consume caffeine for years; although it is something that we have on a daily basis to keep ourselves active, it gives you insomnia which is not at all good if you wish to have glowing skin like Lopez.

Meditation For Mental Peace

When your mind is at peace, your body follows; hence the singer makes sure her body and mind are in complete sync and to achieve that, meditation is just the thing. In addition to meditation, she makes sure to stay active and has workout sessions as well.

All the above-mentioned processes will nourish you from within and are essential to get that flawless beauty. But that doesn’t mean Jennifer Lopez does not use any sort of cosmetic product. Yes, she does, and that should be used by us all too.

Sunscreen & Anti-aging Products

JLo swears by sunscreens and a whole lot of them. In her interview with InStyle, she said that she is a firm believer in SPF and tries not to step out without it. Jennifer Lopez also invests a lot in her anti-ageing products, and lastly, the secret to her glowing skin is glycolic acid.

Well, it is hard to believe that a global sensation like her has never undergone a needle to maintain her beautiful skin, not just her many celebrities swear by these methods to stay healthy and pretty. To get more updates on celebrity beauty secrets like Jennifer Lopez’s, stay tuned to Koimoi!

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