5 Reasons Why Crash Landing On You Starring Son Ye-Jin & Hyun Bin Is Better Than Other K-Dramas
5 Reasons Why Crash Landing On You Starring Son Ye-Jin & Hyun Bin Is Better Than Other K-Dramas ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

It is safe to mention that Crash Landing On You is among the most popular K-dramas in the world. While in South Korea, it is the second-highest-rated drama, it is still responsible for introducing the genre to many who were not aware of why K-dramas are popular.

From its theme to its cast, everything about the show is absolutely delightful. Well, do you know why? Because it is one of the most unique shows made in Korea.

Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin’s pairing for the drama was cherished across the globe for the drama, but there are several other factors why the show is so different from other K-dramas. Let’s understand them together:

Both Characters Are Rich & Powerful

Unlike many K-dramas, which have a powerful male character and a middle-class or broke female actress, Crash Landing On You was a lot more diverse. Son Ye-jin’s Yoon Se-ri was an heiress and a powerful businesswoman in South Korea, while Hyun Bin’s Ri Jeong-hyeok was a military Captain whose family held immense power in North Korea.

Insanely Famous Leads

Hyun Bin is known as the King of K-drama, while Son Ye-jin is the Melodrama Queen. Bringing these two together for a beautiful love story was a successful choice. Fans were not only rooting for them to play their characters well, but their on-screen chemistry led to many dating rumors. Eventually, fans’ manifestation came true as they began dating and tied the knot in 2022.

An Ample Amount Of Drama & Suspense

Unlike many K-dramas, the show does not have a rather smoothly running-storyline. The bumps in the love story with added drama and suspense are something that the viewers enjoy a lot. You want Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok to express their love for each other again and again despite all the life-threatening hurdles.

Gives A Gist Of Dispute Between North & South Korea

While their rivalry is known to many, some might not be aware of why North Korea and South Korea are enemies. It also shows how people live in North Korea. Despite some backlash, the show was successful in differentiating the distinct lifestyles of the two countries.

An Unexpected Ending

We all know most K-dramas end with the two leads tying the knot in a beautiful setting. But Crash Landing On You was totally different. Well, I will not spoil the end for you, but instead say that it is more of a heart-warming surprise for the viewers. Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok’s dedication to each other makes you emotional every time.

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