BTS’ Jungkook Is Looking For Jin’s Dulhan In This Bollywood Edit; Watch
BTS’ Jungkook Has Unexpected Candidates As He Hunts For Jin Hyung’s Dulhan ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Wikimedia )

BTS enjoys a huge fan following in India not just for their superhit songs but also for the hilarious content that goes up on their YouTube channel. The band has broken several records in the last few years, the latest one being set by Butter as it became the only song to sell over one million copies in America in the year 2021. In a recent viral video, a YouTube creator has given BTS a Bollywood twist by making an edited video where Jungkook is on a hunt for Jin’s bride.

For the unversed, the Bangtan Boys have been on a break for the last few days, spending holidays with their families for the first time since their debut. A part of the band was also spotted hanging out together, enjoying fishcakes brought by the hyung of the band, Jin. Fans were quick to assume that their holiday is coming to an end while a part of the fandom even questioned Suga, V, and Jimin’s absence from the gathering.

In a recent YouTube video taking the Indian internet by storm, Jungkook can be seen hunting for a bride for Jin while Katrina Kaif’s Bollywood song Mere Brother Ki Dulhan plays in the background. The video opens with Jin and Jungkook walking on the streets hand in hand before the candidates for ‘Dulhan’ come into the picture.

The first one is Min Yoongi’s hilarious female version Min Yoonji which debuted in one of the Run BTS episodes. He can be seen flipping his hair sassily in this edit, leaving Jin impressed almost instantly. The next one is Joon Ki, the female counterpart of leader Kim Namjoon, who also appeared in one of the previous episodes done by BTS. He can be seen patting Jimin’s head delicately as baby Mochi is dressed as a puppy.

The last one in the list is none other than Kim Taehyung, as he runs around an empty room in a skirt and a pair of wings, dressed as something similar to a ladybug. Here’s the hilarious video.

Who do you think fits the bill for Jin Hyung? Tell us in the comments!

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